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File: EventHorizon Continued (Beta release)05-24-10
EH disappears on my warlock
Posted By: Sinera
Ahoi, EH is working perfectly on my shadow priest and my DK, but the window is not visible when playing with my warlock. I have the whole suite enabled for all chars. (Seems a little bit stupid, I know, but what would you do when you do not know where to take a look at? :) I also deleted all Saved Variables appearances of EH, n...
File: Dailies Quest Tracker04-26-09
Originally posted by Aldair WOOT!...
Posted By: Sinera
Originally posted by Aldair WOOT!! This worked!! :banana: My mini map button is back! Thank you very much!! :banana: ...disable and reenable DQT by using "/dqt standby" twice. :) Yes it works but the tracker does not count the completed quests down anymore. I think this has s.th. to do with some minimap button organ...
File: Dailies Quest Tracker04-25-09
Disappearing Minimap Button
Posted By: Sinera
Hi Folks, I have "Detached Mini Buttons" for reorganizing my minimap buttons installed. Could all people having the minimap button issue verify this? Edit: I also tried MiniMapbuttonFrame and MobileMiniMapButtons with the same effect. Best regards-
File: Dailies Quest Tracker04-18-09
move the frame
Posted By: Sinera
Hi Folks, Maybe I've been caught in some Clawfinger album called "Deaf dumb blind" but I cannot see any Minimap Button nor can I move the frame or even see all the other frames from the screenshots. I searched for a FAQ but didn't find one. I love this addon since the bloodelf isle dailies occured. :) Some hints are great...
File: spriestWatch07-26-08
Works great for me. I just wondered...
Posted By: Sinera
Works great for me. I just wondered how difficult it is to add "Starshards" with a duration of 15 secs.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-13-08
Awesome! Fantastic! Can't find more words.
Posted By: Sinera
This is my version of the UI in 1680x1050: http://www.dei-ex-unitas.de/files/thumb-Diablo_UI.jpg Roth UI with additional Addons I replaced pchat with ChatMod. I also added Bongs2_XP Bar Plugin as well as Xloot, Baggins etc. The info text to be seen on the right bottom is SLDataText. I am not finished yet, maybe some of the ad...
File: SLTimex 2.010-13-07
Very Good!
Posted By: Sinera
Excellent, this is the far better version of a texture based clock than CML is. It is - editable - configurable - placable without editing the .lua file, calculating coordinates for positioning relative to your screen size. :) Thanks for the good work.
File: FluidFrames08-30-07
Replacement for
Posted By: Sinera
Hi, Is "Fluid Frames" a replacement for "Mobile Frames" I am used to since I first used Cosmos? I am a bit confused... :)