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File: BankStack07-22-10
Please note that bankstack does not...
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Please note that bankstack does not seem to work with profession bags, I also have glyph bags too. I have asked the author and they currently don't have any plans to update, however they are accepting patches. http://www.wowace.com/addons/bank-stack/
File: QuestHelper05-09-10
Originally posted by jabjack Yeah...
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Originally posted by jabjack Yeah same problem here when I'm sitting still my frams drop down to around 6-12 but when i enter combat they skyrocket up to 60-100 seems toi be quest helper that's causing thing Me too. Questhelper is taking up 30mb+ memory and making my framerate drop dramatically. I recommend disabling it unle...
File: LUI v304-03-10
Loui, thanks for the great addon. H...
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Loui, thanks for the great addon. Have you thought about removing the blank space bars on pitbull, meaning it's only necessary to have the health and power bars on? It's possible to stack the health/power texts using luatexts \n newline to bring the power text down to the new line. I selotaped this together: http://img156.im...
File: LUI v304-01-10
Originally posted by loui just up...
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Originally posted by loui just update all addons without quartz and fortExorcist. if you update FortExorcist you will have to do a short hack which i already explained many times... - open Forte_Cooldown/Forte_Cooldown.lua - go to Line 1218 - change: local frame = CreateFrame("Frame",nil,UIParent); to: local frame =...
File: LUI v303-24-10
Re: Re: forte not showing frame
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Originally posted by frozndevl The frame name changed months ago, which is why Lui left an older version of the mod in the UI package. Read over the past few pages on what you need to do with the older version to remove any errors. Ah brill, I'll have a look. thanks.
File: LUI v303-24-10
forte not showing frame
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updated to the latest version of fortexorcist and it's no longer showing the kgpanel panel on the cooldown timer. Has the forte cooldown timer frame name changed? thanks
File: QuestHelper10-27-08
all quests hidden
Posted By: nemof
Hi there. I love Quest helper however suddenly all the quests have become hidden, they are not showing up on the world map at all. I've tried abandoning the quests and re-taking them. I've tried /qh hidden and it tells me it doesn't know how to complete them. I've even tried /qh hardreset, which did not work. I've also clear...
File: ArkInventory10-19-08
1-click deletion?
Posted By: nemof
Does AI currently have the capacity to 1 click delete stuff? There was previously an addon called EasyDestroy which allowed you to +Right-Click to destroy an item (double-right click to confirm deletion of a green, etc). Is this possible in AI, or could it be added, as EasyDestroy no longer works and it would be great seeing t...