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File: MetaMap11-01-06
Get this in the Beta section!
Posted By: Carch
You need to get this mod listed in the BC Beta section on wowinterface. I went in and manually edited the TOC lines and at first glance, everything seems to work fine (including CT_MapNotes interaction). The only problem I ran into so far was with the tab text in the extended options dialog. Looking good on BC beta!
File: Outfitter10-30-06
New items confuse Outfitter
Posted By: Carch
For some reason new high level items don't get added to outfits. For example, I have Bonechewer Ripleggings of the Wolf, Frenzied Staff of the Bear, Dreghood Belt of the Bear, Bonechewer Shredboots of the Bandit and Bonechewer Chestpiece of the Bandit... when I try to add these to my "Normal" outfit, they aren't added. Outfitter.lua...