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File: Clique12-20-07
stopcasting + cast a heal
Posted By: Jandari
I briefly played with this last night and it was not working the way I'd like it too. My left hand is on the keyboard and I use my keybinds to hit heals for my current target (usually the tank). The keybinds are actually macros that do a /stopcasting + /cast Chain Heal or whatever. My right hand is on the mouse and I'm a Grid...
File: Bongos210-19-07
Re: Re: Profiles?
Posted By: Jandari
Originally posted by Tuller Working as intended :) They also do not track what key you're using for selfcast/picking up actions. My goal is to write something that does save all of that information, though. Ah ok, in all honesty then profiles aren't all that useful. I really hate playing a class that respecs multiple times pe...
File: Bongos210-18-07
Posted By: Jandari
Are profiles fully working? I'd like to create two profiles, one for Healing and one for DPSing, and then depending on which spec I am on a given day, I could select it and click set to "turn it on". The profiles feature does not seem to track my keybinds or what buttons I have where for each profile. Only where the bars themse...
File: Saeris's LootLink06-04-07
Specific you look to have forked of...
Posted By: Jandari
Specific you look to have forked off of version 8.26 instead of 8.29 ?
File: PerfectRaid12-19-06
Originally posted by Cladhaire No...
Posted By: Jandari
Originally posted by Cladhaire No offense, but what the hell do these have to do with PerfectRaid? Relax a bit, the pressure must be getting to you... He's simply asking will your frames support the target mouseover stuff. Not all raid frames do.
File: PerfectRaid12-16-06
Re: want list
Posted By: Jandari
Another useful thing: mousing over offline people to see how long they've been offline. Helpful to me as RL. Can't remember already if it was in PR before 2.0.1 lol
File: PerfectRaid12-14-06
Wish List Items
Posted By: Jandari
For me, I think the things I'd like to see in 2.0 are ready planned. By and large, the way PerfectRaid was previously was, well, perfect. I would like to see support for - denoting who is AFK - which druids have Rebirth available
File: Bongos212-06-06
Don't understand stance switching configuration
Posted By: Jandari
I don't understand the stances thing, it's very confusing to me... - I want 6 action bars - I want to be able to configure different buttons for action bar 1 when i'm in battle/defensive/beserker stance - I want action bars 2-6 to never change buttons ever, regardless of stance I don't use "paging" fwiw I can't seem to do...
File: PerfectRaid10-26-06
AFK status
Posted By: Jandari
Let me add my voice asking for AFK status. As a RL this is one of those things that let me get rid of CTRA's raid frames for all but Druids (need to see the cooldown on their Rebirth :). Thanks