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Awesome and win
Posted By: Cidan
Just like to point out that this addon is full of awesome and win. Using it, I've absolutely done away with -all- action buttons on my Warlock. Yep, that's right, no action buttons at all. Makes playing the game so much more fun, too!
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Originally posted by Shamino I...
Posted By: Cidan
Originally posted by Shamino I think i might stay with the beta version for a little longer, are there plans to move in that direction? Yes; the intent is to move to 7.4 eventually, just not until it's out of beta. It was never anyone's intent to put out a version that is broken and is missing critical features. We will mak...
File: RDX12-12-09
Hey everyone, I've updated OpenR...
Posted By: Cidan
Hey everyone, I've updated OpenRDX. I've removed the 7.4.x downloads and updated the addon to 7.3.3. This version is fully functional with Wrath of the Lich King version 3.3. Enjoy, and sorry about all of this! :) Thanks, -Cidan
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Originally posted by TekNoir Sinc...
Posted By: Cidan
Originally posted by TekNoir Since you have to (by law) include the original license in order to redistribute a work based upon OpenRDX (and many other software projects), it is precisely the sentence that allows you to make use of the original OpenRDX code which allows anyone else (including the OpenRDX team) to use what you have...
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Originally posted by Osar There a...
Posted By: Cidan
Originally posted by Osar There are numerous errors that pop up in the /err log file. Itemrack showing an inventoryHide() function of some sort and so forth. No such errors showing if RDX is off, however. RDX will catch any errors thrown by other UI's if they try to do "illegal" functions. This is not a problem with RDX, read...
File: RDX Reborn12-06-06
Originally posted by Osar Any pla...
Posted By: Cidan
Originally posted by Osar Any plans to include debuff state tracking somehow in the windows for decursing purposes? Yep, both debuff and buff. I hope to have 9.1 out by this weekend.
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Re: Re: .RDX readme or tutorial ?
Posted By: Cidan
Originally posted by Blanka79 stupid question. but are there any bossmods in your version of rdx? AQ20 only. I'll do more this weekend, but I have tons more to code.
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Re: .RDX readme or tutorial ?
Posted By: Cidan
Originally posted by Purity I am intrigued. I downloaded this version because of the promise to keep it updated. =) Great idea. :o However, I need some help setting it up? Maybe one walk through of a simple sort or complex one? Oh, and perhaps an explaination of the extra modules and what they do. :D Basicly, I don't want...