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File: Bongos Skinned Map08-01-07
Brief suggestions.
Posted By: Sallyshock
I noticed you put in a thing for titan to adjust to the bar (at least I think that's what it does) - the same for fubar would be great. Also, while I know making it snap to any arbitrary frame would probably be a pain, can the border of the snapping be the border itself, and not the minimap? Like for example on my screen, if i...
File: MSBTCooldowns12-10-06
Not a big thing, but on line 367 of...
Posted By: Sallyshock
Not a big thing, but on line 367 of your lua, you need an ipairs on that table. ;)
File: FuBar - ItemRackFu11-10-06
Icon text?
Posted By: Sallyshock
First thing I did was hack the mod to enable text to be hidden. Other than that, thanks. I didn't know this was here. It was the only reason I was still loading ace 1.3 :) /skips merrily away from old ace