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File: Reagent Restocker01-09-08
slash command not working
Posted By: Northstar
The slash command to open the reagent restocker menu does not work when ricominimap is installed. "/r" is apparently the command that launches ricominimap's menu. "/rr" only opens that same minimap menu for me. A slight change in the command line evocation for reagent restocker would be much appreciated. Otherwise a great mod.
File: Outfitter09-18-07
skinner support in outfitter?
Posted By: Northstar
I have recently incorporated the mod "skinner" into my UI and have noticed that outfitter currently does not allow itself to be "skinned." This blocks partial functionality of outfitter as the outfitter expansion to the character info screen partially covers up the item slots on the character info screen. Hoping there will be suppo...