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File: Spellcraft12-19-11
Re: Re: Updated...
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I did everything manually and haven't been able to test it. There may be a stray bug. Let me know... The minimap button does not appear. Otherwise, it is awesome! :) Thank you so much for this invaluable add-on! I would be lost without it! I think I fixed it... Thanks for the kind words Peyana :).
File: Spellcraft12-16-11
Posted By: batrick
I did everything manually and haven't been able to test it. There may be a stray bug. Let me know...
File: Spellcraft10-19-10
Haven't forgotten...
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I just resubbed the other day. Changes to Spellcraft for 4.0 have been minimal with nothing urgent. If you encounter some obscure bug send me a report here in the comments. Thanks.
File: Spellcraft01-13-10
Re: moving the button
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Originally posted by kingkarhu hi, firstly great addon i love it :D i do however have one suggestion/request/gripe lol i want the button to NOT be in my minimap buttons cause i dont have them visible due to the fact that i use titan panel so is it possible to move the button to either another part of my screen or can you create a...
File: Spellcraft01-09-10
Originally posted by moonshade Wh...
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Originally posted by moonshade When using /spellcraft to access the options in the latest version the following error is generated: Date: 2010-01-07 16:54:17 ID: 4 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Spellcraft\Spellcraft.lua line 490: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) Debug: (tail call): ?...
File: Spellcraft12-09-09
RE: Items for Priests, etc.
Posted By: batrick
I'm going to be using item IDs from now on and that should fix the priest/DK issues. It will be in a future release.
File: Spellcraft10-13-08
Upcoming changes
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I'll be updating Spellcraft shortly after 3.0 is released. I haven't been able to get on the PTR to fix some of the minor bugs that exist. The next version will make the Evocation module deprecated. Blizzard has basically prevented it's functionality so I am unable to maintain it. It should continue to work fine out of combat so I...
File: Spellcraft11-14-07
Evocation now works off of Intellec...
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Evocation now works off of Intellect (as increasing your intellect, increases your mana pool which will cause you to have more than 60% mana when you change back to your regular weapons). You can turn off Evocate from the main configuration menu (it will no longer take up any memory when you play).
File: Spellcraft10-16-07
Originally posted by Fouxglove I...
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Originally posted by Fouxglove I love this mod but it hasn't worked properly for me since the last patch. The merchant window to sell all greys and buy reagents doesn't load. I downloaded the newest version again today and deleted the saved variables as directed below before installing and it still isn't working. Here is the err...
File: Spellcraft10-04-07
Re: Error Message at Log in
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Originally posted by Amythyst First let me say I love this!! But.. I am getting an error when logging in and am unable to use it. Interface\addons\spellcraft.Init.Lua:51:Attempt to call field 'Set Default Regents' (a nil value) I downloaded the new version, got the same thing, went back deleted it completely and redownloa...
File: Spellcraft08-18-07
Ya I'm aware of that error and shou...
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Ya I'm aware of that error and should have it fixed for the next release (which I plan to release when wow patch 2.2 is released). I believe the changes you make do go through anyway, just ignore the error for now. Thanks for reporting it.
File: Spellcraft07-21-07
Originally posted by Gaffadin At...
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Originally posted by Gaffadin At Level 20 even though I could teleport to the Exodar, Ironforge and Stormwind, the minimap button would not enable itself for me even when turned on. I took a quick look at the code and changed line 342 of spellcraft.lua to: "if UnitClass("player") == SC_CLASS_MAGE and SC_Player_Level > 19"...