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File: Bagnon12-18-06
There is a way to get what you want...
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Originally posted by BlasphemousMusic I used to love bagnon, till they changed it. Colors are great and I like some of the new options. Only one issue.... I like to organize my bags when I play. If I am grinding or whatever I like to separate my items myself. I like to see ALL my slots at once, empty or not. I like to, for ex...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window12-08-06
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Thanks you so much for updating this mod. I really do like it a lot. :D Now I can go to bed happy and dream sweat dreams. Wolfwalker
File: Bagnon12-08-06
Re: vBagnon: Upgrade or not?
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Originally posted by Arnaiyus Hey Tuller...I've always enjoyed Bagnon and have been using it since I started playing. As patch 2.0 hit our faces with the "all mods are incompatible", we are all waiting anxiously for them to update with the patch (mod websites are being very unpleasant to browse post patch day however). Bagnon was o...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window12-05-06
Auto Craft
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:( I loved this mod. I am very sorry that you are no longer supporting it. I do hope someone will be up to the challange of supporting it. I think it was the best crafting mod out there. Now I will just go into a deep dark cave and cry my heart out.