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File: PhanxChat10-22-08
Hi, Can we get stricter regexes on...
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Hi, Can we get stricter regexes on URLs. Saying things like "hey.lol" counts as a URL because there is no checking of tld or anything like that. I personally wouldn't mind things like "someurl.tld" being missed if it meant false positives being eliminated.
File: Outfitter10-20-08
Re: Re: Outfitter.cUniqueEquippedGemIDs
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Originally posted by mundocani Thanks for the tip. Any idea if there's a complete list of the affected gems somewhere? 28363 28123 28362 28118 28120 28119
File: Outfitter10-17-08
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Hi there, 'Outfitter.cUniqueEquippedGemIDs' needs to be updated to reflect the changes in the 3.02 PvP gems. For example, 2912 (Runed Ornate Ruby) is no longer a valid entry.
File: bgTrack08-01-08
Great idea.
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I've been thinking about making this addon myself, good to see you beat me to it ;). Can you explain the graphical representation of the data on your site? I don't quite understand it.