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File: Possessions03-17-08
Re: Non-key items shown as being on keyring
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Originally posted by nelsonha I'm having an issue with Possessions 2.0.2o v3 where it lists items which are not keys as being on the keyring and it also lists them in the proper location so it's not a show stopper. Any way to fix this? I had this problem after switching from the old poss to this one. Clearing all of the poss d...
File: Bongos201-15-07
Re: Re: Bongos and not Tinytip
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Originally posted by Danno This one's bugging me too. Bongos seems to be immune to repositioning the tooltip with TinyTip. I've got that too and I don't use TinyTip. It keeps causing me to click on the wrong button because I can't see them. Also the icon for the mod doesn't save the setting to turn itself off. It is always...
File: EmoteLDB01-07-07
Originally posted by Cilraaz Ah y...
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Originally posted by Cilraaz Ah yeah. I did have to update the AceLocale references to 2.2 from 2.0. What typo did you catch in the emote groups? Oh, it was only a simple one... SelfDepreciating should have a space in it. If there was one wish list thing for me - it would be to have them alphabetically listed... It's actua...
File: FuBar - ClockFu01-02-07
Time zone request
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Oceanic players have their server time zone set as GMT+10, personally I am in GMT+8. ClockFu displays these times correctly. However Blizzard put all their notices up as PDT because they don't care enough about oceanics to use our time zone on our servers. (ie like off peak maintenance being 9pm on Tuesday night...) Can you ad...
File: EmoteLDB01-02-07
Originally posted by Cilraaz The...
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Originally posted by Cilraaz The changes to the mod were nothing more than updating the table iteration to use pairs(), which would cause no problems with profile saves. The updated libraries could be the case. Try deleting the libs folder for this mod (if all of the required libs are installed with other mods). That may work fo...
File: FuBar - KTMFu01-02-07
Re: Fixes for a few things...
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Originally posted by PProvost I figured out what is wrong with your profile/db code. You are using different DB names in your TOC file and in your Lua code. That explains why the FuBar built in properties aren't storing too Also, you probably should take a pass through your version numbers. You have 1.1 in the Lua code, 2.0 i...
File: EmoteLDB12-20-06
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Updated at http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6582-Fubar-EmoteFuUpdated.html
File: FuBar - KTMFu12-14-06
Re: KLH ThreatMeter
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Originally posted by Jaim Sandar Where can I get KTM? I can't find it on wowinterface.com I hope they don't mind the cross site link... KLH is found on curse at: http://wow.curse-gaming.com/en/files/details/4204/klhthreatmeter/ Beware of the new curse web site - it will often give page not available messages.
File: FuBar - KTMFu12-14-06
Originally posted by Deathhamster...
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Originally posted by Deathhamster This isn't zipped within a sub-folder - what should the folder be called? I thought I fixed that, but my second upload disappeared. I have uploaded a new version. If anyone got the non-folder version, it should go in a folder called: Fubar_KTMFu in the Interface/Addons folder as per us...