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File: XIV_Databar01-05-17
Anooying AF bug
Posted By: Passover
2x XIV_Databar\modules\gold.lua:82: :SetText(): Font not set : in function `SetText' XIV_Databar\modules\gold.lua:82: in function `Refresh' XIV_Databar\modules\gold.lua:31: in function (tail call): ? : ? "]:9: in function <"]:5> (tail call): ? ...aceMasque\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-...
File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar08-08-09
Not the 1st..
Posted By: Passover
Damn, used to love this, but now i see every raid members De-buff on my screen it sucks. Like others have posted - I use it, not just for the Cast Bars but for monitering my Debuffs on the target like a DoT timer would. Till this is fixed i now have to get ANOTHER addon to sort it out in the meantime. Hope someone can fix it soon...
File: Bartender312-25-06
Bartender circled
Posted By: Passover
I was wondering if u had any plans to add what used to be Bartender 2 Circled? I much prefer that layout myself, other than that great work.