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File: Spell Announce06-17-08
Posted By: zushiba
Will this announce whether or not a kick was successful in interrupting something? I'm thinking RoS kicks. It would be nice to know immediatly if one of the rogues flubs a kick.
File: Whereabouts06-29-07
Originally posted by Tekkub Looks...
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Originally posted by Tekkub Looks EXACTLY like TomTom... wonder why :) hmmm TomTom looks a bit more advanced than this is.
File: Whereabouts06-28-07
Originally posted by Dreadlorde L...
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Originally posted by Dreadlorde Lol, I knew someone was going to post that :P good job Ya I figured it would be a good way to kinda get the book some more exposure.
File: EavesDrop03-13-07
Feature request
Posted By: zushiba
I love this addon, but the one thing that's missing from it is the ability to go into the log it keeps of biggest hits/crits taken and delt and pasteing them into the active chat window. I want everyone to see my2k SS without having to type it all out. EDIT: Oh and some way to combine mutilate data into 1 hit/crit would be cool