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File: ccComboPoints08-10-08
Yep, I do plan to add customizable...
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Yep, I do plan to add customizable layouts in the near future.. though right now I'm working on a Death Knight runes mod, but it's a little hard to test without a beta key. :o
File: ccComboPoints08-08-08
Originally posted by Hapepe82 Can...
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Originally posted by Hapepe82 Can you tell me what the chinese-looking signs on the buttons mean in your addon? Thanks for the comments. From left to right (combo points 1-5), the symbols are chinese characters meaning: 地 - Earth 空 - Sky/Air 海 - Sea 陽 - Sun 魂 - Soul/Spirit
File: MapNotes 212-05-06
Still having a problem with Mininot...
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Still having a problem with Mininotes in r109... MapNotesMininote\MapNotesMininote.XML.lua: 144: attempt to call field 'OnLoad' (a nil value)
File: ag_UnitFrames11-14-06
Uploaded a slightly modified versio...
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Uploaded a slightly modified version that adds a focustarget frame and allows hostility coloring for focus and focustarget frames. Sorry, should have mentioned the changes were based off the r15627 version. I suck at concurrent versioning.
File: OmniCC11-14-06
Ah, you're right, here's a ported v...
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Ah, you're right, here's a ported version. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info5551-OmniCC_%5BTBC%5D.html Of course, I eagerly await the official version!
File: OmniCC11-13-06
This mod definitely needs expansion...
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This mod definitely needs expansion beta support!