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File: ForteXorcist01-12-10
Xus, Great addon! I was wonde...
Posted By: Ashkiran
Xus, Great addon! I was wondering, is there a way to seperate the different types of headers in the spelltimer so I can place the debuff timers somewhere else than the totems for example?
File: GoodTarget07-10-08
Hello Julith, Great mod, I reall...
Posted By: Ashkiran
Hello Julith, Great mod, I really love it, just like the gridinchealth mod. One question though: what is partyclickthrough? It says makes the frames click throughable but what is this exactly? Thanks.
File: Buffet04-28-08
Tekkub, The AutoHP macro doesn't...
Posted By: Ashkiran
Tekkub, The AutoHP macro doesn't show the healthstone or potion tooltip anymore with the latest version. Thanks for this great addon, Ashkiran