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File: Examiner09-07-07
Hi, here you are the french transla...
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Hi, here you are the french translation to this addon by Pettigrow < No Friends > of Sinstralis wow eu-forum : http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=394350382&sid=2 the files : J'ai un soucis avec la puissance d'attaque des objets verts et les résistances, sinon tout le reste fonctionne (normalement). http...
File: Scrolling Combat Text11-11-06
Error - need help
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:eek: http://horderie.org/WWS/ADDONS/sct.jpg i have SCT, SCTD and spellalert Before, no problem and now i don't understand why i've an error now. somebody help me ?