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File: BindingsReminder02-03-11
Originally posted by litesung I h...
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Originally posted by litesung I have a request for this addon, I was wondering if you could make one for the Logitech G510 Keybaord layout, or the G19 Keybaord layout, because I use those keyboards when I play WoW, as well as many other people who are fans of Logitech Gaming keyboards. Also, I was trying to skin this with skinne...
File: BindingsReminder10-12-10
Verified to work with patch 4.0.1
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Without modification, this AddOn works with patch 4.0.1, releasing today.
File: LootTracker08-03-10
Re: Rebirth
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Originally posted by Frenetus Well is it possible to rewrite this addon for a newer version of WoW? I really like the idea and was not able to found anything that is able to do exactly the same... Frenetus I picked this up at Josh's request. Once I have something working I'll post a new revision.
File: BLPView05-16-10
This thing rocks!
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This thing rocks!
File: Dominos08-09-09
Tuller - Love me some Dominos as y...
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Tuller - Love me some Dominos as you already know from IRC. Latest release is has a taint issue with the new MultiCastActionButtons - I'm not using Dominos-Totems - so the issue must be elsewhere. Snippet of my taintlog file below: 8/9 12:09:09.384 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from Dominos - MultiCas...
File: OPie11-10-08
Bug Reports: 1. Raid Marks don'...
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Bug Reports: 1. Raid Marks don't appear to be working. 2. At login, I get the following error on all characters where OPie is enabled: Encountered . 3. When I upgraded to OPie Wrath4, no previous settings were kept from saved variables. All rings and bindings (other than the default) were gone. Was this intended?...
File: Dominos10-22-08
Feature request
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Tuller - Would it be possible to put numeric input boxes on the sliders in the various config windows? Sometimes it's really hard for me to get the slider to move in increments of less than three. Thanks, Lunessa/Lothay
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-22-08
Sorting error, more information.
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Originally posted by Satrina I have no idea where that sort error came from all of a sudden. It's the same one Spanko has been getting. Any info you can give me about what buffs you had up, what you were doing would help a lot. On the sorting errors, I get them when any totem is down and an ability or talent procs a combat buf...