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File: Engravings03-30-08
I wish you would update this one. I...
Posted By: Varuna
I wish you would update this one. I love it, It's small and simple and i never found a better one. But it's so sad to load the old ace1 to have it run. please update it :)
File: NotesUNeed03-30-08
Great addon, was happy to find it....
Posted By: Varuna
Great addon, was happy to find it. Got a problem with the method on items in my bags. Nothing happens. When i on itemlinks in the chat the notewindow appears, but not by clicking the containeritems. I've changed the modifier keys and clicks but it hadn't helped. Would also be nice if you could make the add...
File: HealingEstimator12-12-06
german translation error
Posted By: Varuna
There is a little fault in the german localisation-lua: line 37: change "Heilende Berührung" into "Heilende Ber\195\188hrung" without this change Healing Touch is not working with HE. thx
File: Healing Estimator DW12-12-06
german localisation?
Posted By: Varuna
Why did you delete the german localisation? The Original Healing Estimator got only one little error with HT (has to be: Heilende Ber\195\188hrung and not Heilende Berührung).
File: SpellBinder12-10-06
Posted By: Varuna
I normaly use Bartender3. But since i play only with the keybindings i don't need the bars anymore. So i was very happy finding spellbinder, but i got some problems. I'm plying a druid and when i bind keys to the humanformspells i can't bind them to the spells in other forms. So could you add an solution for the stances? The othe...