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File: AuctionLite06-03-09
I'm also looking to try a lightweig...
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I'm also looking to try a lightweight mod to replace Auctioneer. I don't see one of my favorite features, though maybe I just can't find the documentation. Auctioneer allows you to plug in data from WoWEcon. Does this mod do that? If not, can it be added? Thanks!
File: Outfitter03-21-09
Originally posted by mundocani I...
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Originally posted by mundocani I wasn't trying to trick you into removing it, but wowinterface doesn't allow all copies to be removed so I had to upload a 'dummy' file in order to clear out the download. Get a copy from a friend. Right. How come my old copy doesn't work anymore then?
File: Outfitter03-21-09
Originally posted by Kinless Sorr...
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Originally posted by Kinless Sorry, that's one pissy move. Removing it from my add-ons as I "update"? I've always admired add-on authors for their work. Even more admirable they'd do it "just because" or because they enjoyed the joy of thinking it out and creating it. But to trick me into deleting it off my own computer?...
File: flagRSP MoP02-15-09
Thank you very, very much for that...
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Thank you very, very much for that clarification. I have been using flagRSP since it came out, and I prefer the options it offers to the other ones. I am extremely happy with it, and I hope that it remains compatible with the others in the future.
File: flagRSP MoP02-14-09
Someone is telling me that flagRSP...
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Someone is telling me that flagRSP is not compatible with other RP mods, yet on the front page it says that it is. Please clear up this information! Thanks! From: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=14318920301&sid=1&pageNo=2 "The author of flagRPS WotLK says in the comments on curse that he -will not...
File: Alarm Clock05-15-08
I would really like to use this mod...
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I would really like to use this mod, but it is not showing up for me in the options panel. I have Ace3 installed. When I unzip this file it puts the alarm clock files loose in the Addons directory. It does not work that way. I have even tried putting them in an AceAlarmClock directory, and it does not work that way either.
File: Fizzwidget ReagentCost12-13-07
Please please please add functional...
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Please please please add functionality with WowEcon! I just switched from Auctioneer (was tired of getting all those errors all the time), and I don't plan on switching back.
File: SmartBuff12-05-07
I love this mod! Thank you thank y...
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I love this mod! Thank you thank you thank you! One suggestion, though I'm not sure it's possible. As a Hunter, I use different Aspects for different sets. The problem is, SB does not tell me I need Aspect A when Aspect B is running. Also, if I hit the "smart button", it will not give me Aspect A if Aspect B is running, even...
File: Cartographer Quests02-20-07
Re: Katest versions Not working.
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Originally posted by Xenorim The 'newest' version that I can get to work is 26541 those newer then it simply wont work, wont register quests, wont make notes, wont be findable under 'quest' under cartographer. Ditto.
File: Cartographer Quests02-14-07
Originally posted by Elisios What...
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Originally posted by Elisios What is not loading ? The full addon (the quest menu doesn't even show in cartographer dropdown) or just the notes (i.e. you have the quest menu) ? And what are you talking about "Notes" module ? Is there a separate "Cartographer_Note" folder at the same level as "Cartographer" and "Cartographer_Quests"...
File: Cartographer Quests02-12-07
I have the latest Cartographer rele...
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I have the latest Cartographer release, I went to the other site and installed Notes, and guess what? It's still not loading. I went back to an older version and it's fine. Please, when you update Quests again, make sure that it is backwards compatible. Thank you.
File: Fizzwidget Levelator12-01-06
Re: Great mod
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Originally posted by Dades Great mod but broken as of today's build on the beta servers unfortunately. Yes, the latest patch broke it. I'm very sad. :( EDIT: Actually, I've noticed that it still does put the quest level in when you're getting the quest. It just doesn't show up in the quest log now.