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File: OmniCC05-05-08
Can't change font.
Posted By: bluebman05
Whenever I try to change the font type I always get this message: OmniCC_Options\menu.lua:325: :SetText(): Font not set OmniCC_Options\menu.lua:325: in function OmniCC_Options\menu.lua:386: in function : in funct...
File: HitsMode05-05-08
Originally posted by Allara HitsM...
Posted By: bluebman05
Originally posted by Allara HitsMode already looks like this. What it doesn't do (in this build) is say "crit" when you crit. (All earlier builds did.) I can change that. Regarding unit name coloring by class, I'll work that in. Currently HitsMode is feature locked until it is determined to be release quality. I'll work on mo...
File: HitsMode05-01-08
Is it possible to reword the struct...
Posted By: bluebman05
Is it possible to reword the structure of the events to display something like: DMG (amount resisted/blocked/absorbed). Example: HIT 500 CRIT 1000 ++ Ignite ++ The Beast Within HIT 545 CRIT 1345 Rather than display the crit as specifically flagged dama...
File: SLDataText04-21-08
ZoneText update?
Posted By: bluebman05
Hey, a few weeks ago I suggested that you implement zone coloring based on the PvE/PvP flag type, and you stated that it'd be in the new addon. But it doesn't look like you actually put it in as the zone color remains the same. Did you forget about my suggestion? :(
File: cyCircled10-29-07
Is there a way to make our own skin...
Posted By: bluebman05
Is there a way to make our own skins for this mod? I have a personal button that I'd like to use.
File: Scrolling Combat Text10-14-07
Will there be a feature to show if...
Posted By: bluebman05
Will there be a feature to show if I interrupt an enemy spell? Not to mention one that shows if I dispell/purge an enemy buff?
File: SCT - Damage11-20-06
Is it possible to have SCTD display...
Posted By: bluebman05
Is it possible to have SCTD display the damage dealt above the recieving target (Replacing the WoW ingame dmg text)? I was hoping it was possible with this mod but i don't know for sure.