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File: DoTimer03-11-10
Any info about fix to growing in up...
Posted By: Wlk
Any info about fix to growing in up direction? Just some rough ETA :)
File: Bagnon04-13-07
Any chance for adding some icon to...
Posted By: Wlk
Any chance for adding some icon to character inventory to show his bank? It would be much easier than to bind it on separate key/use slash command.
File: Quest-I-On (WoW 2.0 update)01-17-07
Is there something wrong when every...
Posted By: Wlk
Is there something wrong when every time I log on QI is hidden and I cant enable it through /qi show, have to reset all with /qi resetpos loosing some of settings? Else it is really great addon, lightweight and with nice interface! Thank you! EDIT It seems that problem is in settings of font size - everything else is stable. Un...
File: Clique12-21-06
Any ETA for new version with fixed...
Posted By: Wlk
Any ETA for new version with fixed priority problems? Even some beta would help, like this I have to recreate one or two bindings each time I start game to fix ooc clique functions :(
File: Clique12-18-06
Originally posted by Shell I'm ha...
Posted By: Wlk
Originally posted by Shell I'm having similar problems with X-Perl 2.09....I uncheck Player Frame and X-Perl Player Frame, but I still can't right-click on my frame and even drop party...I have to get booted from every party I'm in.... might be a bug in the way clique is excluding frames. I think you have to restart wow afte...
File: FuBar 3.6.512-05-06
Profile messing up
Posted By: Wlk
Every time I add some new addon to fubar, it loads with messed up layout - instead of clean one line it adds second one and puts some addons to 1st and some to 2nd. I tried even to save profiles on different character and load them later to see what happens, but they load only semi right. Usually one line layout is preserved, but sho...
File: CasterWeaponSwapper11-22-06
Global cooldown when BlueDragon proc
Posted By: Wlk
CWS seems to switch weapon imediately on BlueDragon proc, not waiting for global cooldown (ie some spell casted), which is kinda annoying as just after proc i have to wait 1.5s before casting. Its better for me to loose some mana from spirit weapon not swapped, than loose casting time when bluedragon proc - any chance to fix this?