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File: SpamSentry05-24-07
Alas, I'm having the same issue. S...
Posted By: Melissa
Alas, I'm having the same issue. SS still filters, and I can still create the ticket, but if I click submit, I get the block message popup. Very strange.
File: SpamSentry05-18-07
Hello! Love, love, love this mod...
Posted By: Melissa
Hello! Love, love, love this mod of yours. I have a feature request if you don't mind! If I use SS to make a GM report ticket, any subsequent gold spam whispers languish in the queue until the GM clears the ticket. I'm told that it's best to report them as soon as you get them. Is there a way that, if a ticket is currently...
File: Debuff Filter and Cooldowns04-20-07
I can't seem to make this work? I'...
Posted By: Melissa
I can't seem to make this work? I'm using it specifically to identify my own Deadly Poison stack for Envenom use. I've tried typing in "Deadly Poison" and "Deadly Poison VII" but neither seem to be recognize? Does it only show if there are other applications? I was testing it just now in a 5-man where I was the the only rogue....
File: Atropine03-18-07
Interface appears partially offscreen and cannot be moved
Posted By: Melissa
I like everything about this addon, EXCEPT that it appears off the edge of my screen and cannot be moved. It's below the trade window with the vendor, and too far down. Until that is fixed, I'm afraid I can't use it :(
File: SpamSentry02-02-07
As of the latest version (2/2/07),...
Posted By: Melissa
As of the latest version (2/2/07), I'm having to disable the mod due to an error that's spewing over and over. I have BugSack and it keeps disabling itself due to the volume. The error is: "SpamSentry_Fu\SS_FuBar.lua:320: attempt to index global 'SS_ReportList' (a nil value)" I noticed that there was no Fubar directory in t...
File: Cartographer01-19-07
Import from CT_mapmod?
Posted By: Melissa
Hello! I've been a loyal user of CT_mapmod for a long time but have finally gotten tired of waiting for them to fix their gathering issue (it stopped displaying new herbs/mines a few patches ago and because they say it's due to a Blizzard bug, they're not making any effort to fix it). So I just installed Cartographer, including...
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic12-17-06
The feature to not use quest relate...
Posted By: Melissa
The feature to not use quest related food or prefer food without stat buffs appears to be broken. I had turtle meat for the quest in Hillsbrad and FOM kept feeding the meat to my wolf, despite there being plenty of wolf ribs and other tasty treats for him to eat. That, with the error when mousing over empty inventory spaces, is...
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic12-16-06
Error with empty inventory slots
Posted By: Melissa
On live server, as of 12/15: Every time I mouse over an empty bag slot in bank, bags, or on character sheet, I receive the following error: /.../GFWTooltip.lua:243:Usage:GetItemInfo(itemID|"name"|"itemlink") Not game breaking, but very intrusive and difficult to avoid. Cheers!
File: ag_UnitFrames12-12-06
Presently unsable
Posted By: Melissa
I was peppered with errors last night when going into Stratholme. It was fine until we hit the instance and then I had to disable the mod. Further, as others have stated, I am still unable to see pets or demons in the party view, which as a healer is rather a pain. Using X-perl for now and hoping this will get fixed as I much...
File: MyRolePlay12-09-06
Hello! I just installed MyRolePl...
Posted By: Melissa
Hello! I just installed MyRolePlay and quite like it so far! The only trouble I'm having is that most of my characters also run AG UnitFrames which means I no longer see the MRP button on the target portrait and thus, cannot read their descriptions. Is there a way to enable the button separate from the Blizzard target frame so...
File: TTSpellTimer12-09-06
This is a lovely, lovely mod and ju...
Posted By: Melissa
This is a lovely, lovely mod and just in time as CCwatch is busted :D I wouldn't have found this otherwise. My only request for the new patch: With the new ability to target a "focus", is it possible for SpellTimer to time spells put on a focus as well as a target? When I shackle my focus, the timer doesn't know it exists....
File: Wardrobe212-08-06
Hello! I've been using Wardrobe AL...
Posted By: Melissa
Hello! I've been using Wardrobe AL for ages, but the recent patch has botched it. Is there any way to import my many many defined outfits into Wardrobe2? ::prays::
File: EasyRaid12-01-06
No health/mana numbers displayed?
Posted By: Melissa
Hello! Everything is lovely, except that there doesn't seem to be a way to show the health/mana status text on the raid portraits? I'm a priest, and I very much prefer to see both maximum HP and percentage as well as a deficit, with the latter hopefully very easy to see. Am I missing something? Cheers! -M