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File: XToLevel07-13-10
Posted By: qwksilver
you are now officially my favorite addon author.
File: XToLevel07-11-10
Feature Request. XPtoGo
Posted By: qwksilver
ok so if it's here i can't find it, if it's not i would love it if you added it in. my old fubar xp mods all had a countdown mode. i usually set up as XP: and R: i can't find a ldb based mod that let's me have these things. i think that a , , , would all be very usef...
File: PlayerScore / GearScore01-25-10
Feature Request
Posted By: qwksilver
I noticed a recount integration, but a lot of people are switching over to "skada" which is much more informative. if you had time to add skada integration that would rock.
File: ShardAce WoTLK04-15-09
Posted By: qwksilver
don't load mod on non-warlock, or auto unload if not lock, i mostly keep all mods enabled
File: ShardAce WoTLK01-24-09
Not a Warlock
Posted By: qwksilver
original versions of shard tracker, allowed only a use healthstone button when you are a non-warlock character. later versions simply unloaded when detecting a "not-warlock" character. personally i prefered the original "not warlock" action for alts. i don't really profile my toons i load every mod from my main (lock) on all...
File: ShardAce WoTLK01-23-09
The old days
Posted By: qwksilver
It WAS right click to open (close on next button), left click to sort shards(kinda redundant now) on all the fly out buttons is was left click to cast, with no specific right click function. Originally posted by Valéry Also, out of interest, anyone remember how ShardAce left/right clicking worked in TBC for Summon Imp e...
File: ShardAce WoTLK01-21-09
geneology of the warlock mini-map mod
Posted By: qwksilver
Shard Tracker > Shard Tracker Resurection > ShardTracker 3G (a redesign that went more like necrosis). Shard Ace > Demon Daemon > Demon Daemon FIX > Shard Ace WOTLK. this mod has been around in some form since well before 1.7 which was when i started playing warlock. Each time it breaks someone has thankfully taken up the...
File: ShardAce WoTLK01-21-09
Thank You....Continuation
Posted By: qwksilver
Thank you for the update for 3.0.8 this is a repost of the request i made to the last person to add to/update this line of mods, i removed the MAXSHARDS part since you have thankfully implemented that. >>>> not sure why, but the original author appears to have /vanished would love to see some features added, if you want to ta...
File: DemonDaemon 1.0901-21-09
Posted By: qwksilver
corrections to the lua needed are posted in the original mod section, it's a hack patch tho, and requires a bit of coding if someone wants to update and put in patches that would rock
File: HeadCount12-30-08
Re: Re: Player Classes
Posted By: qwksilver
Originally posted by seppyk There's a known bug where death knights are being tracked as "Unknown" since the export class name is being written as "DEATH KNIGHT" (note the extra space) rather than "DEATHKNIGHT", but it would be strange to see it not working for other classes. Are you certain it is all classes or just Death Knights...
File: FuBar - LogFu212-11-08
combat logging auto-magically
Posted By: qwksilver
loggerhead activates and deactives logs based on zone, this "auto-log" function would be nice for combat logs. loggerhead isn't up to date. what do you think about doing this?
File: LoggerHead12-10-08
Posted By: qwksilver
An update to have a northrend log tracking would be nice.
File: HeadCount12-10-08
Player Classes
Posted By: qwksilver
the eqdkp export is not doing class correctly now. not sure why but all imported toons continue to be "unknown"
File: DemonDaemon11-30-08
Re: Not Dead
Posted By: qwksilver
for others it's linked under "Optional Files" shown above. Originally posted by Anahka Link to the new version? nvm, found it.
File: DemonDaemon11-29-08
Not Dead
Posted By: qwksilver
it's not so dead, someone has continued it somewhat and fixed a few of the bugs, just curious what happened to the author Originally posted by Anahka This addon seems dead. Shame. Anyone have a proper ShardAce replacement? Primarily looking to save some barspace and ease of summoning/using stones. Don't care about timers.
File: DemonDaemon 1.0911-29-08
Keeping Up
Posted By: qwksilver
not sure why, but the original author appears to have /vanished would love to see some features added, if you want to tackle it. Presummon message to channel Assist Request message to channel raid/party as appropriate Assist Requests on both summon or soulwell /maxshards=x (where x is the total number of shards allowed...
File: Buffet11-26-08
Consumables Macros
Posted By: qwksilver
http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=11690#info for those of you wanting more flexibility, like i did, go check out this macro maker.
File: DagAssist11-23-08
you could always spin off your own version with plug in support to ldb/fubar/titan
Posted By: qwksilver
you could always spin off your own version with plug in support to ldb/fubar/titan and call it SupidButtons! or something like that. :> Originally posted by FarseerLolotea Okay...I've added Death Gate and Runeforging to the menu file, and have just uploaded it as a "patch." (It's just the DagAssist_Menu.lua file.) If the aut...
File: DemonDaemon11-20-08
will you be fixing the ritual of so...
Posted By: qwksilver
will you be fixing the ritual of souls and adding the "assist me" macros. suggestions: clicking Fel Domination should NOT close the fly out, clicking the demon right after that should interactive STONES not health-, but spell- and fire-stones, are only there if you make one. add the two buttons to make them to a new row at...
File: FishermansFriend11-03-08
slash command to enable/disable Lur...
Posted By: qwksilver
slash command to enable/disable Lures and Items like this, i use a few macro's and these would be usefull /fmf lure for lures on/off and /fmf item for item on/off
File: MoveAnything11-03-08
Posted By: qwksilver
NOTE: it has the move anything button under the menu, shouldn't it be in the menu? I THOUGHT IT WAS: "addons" - Addon Control Panel that was doing it BUT i get the same effect with ONLY move anything installed and loading, so. http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p71/Mordraith/wierdness.jpg
File: TotemTimers10-31-08
Reply to question
Posted By: qwksilver
well it's our healing officer (a shammy) that is asking for it to coordinate raid wide buffs vs party only totems. so i would say yes, it would be a good mod. also by integration with this one, it would allow the manager to change setups on the fly and not have everyone have to stop and rearrange buttons. Originally posted by Xi...
File: TotemTimers10-23-08
Request for Mod
Posted By: qwksilver
TOTEM ORGANIZER! with raid overlapping totems, and recent changes thanks to 3.0 it would be nice to have a /to box to pop up for raid/party then do something like pallypower. Earth Wind Fire Water shammy1 shammy2 shammy3 under each shammy if they have any extra or improved totems they...
File: ImprovedErrorFrame10-21-08
Posted By: qwksilver
!bauderrorframe is ok !swatter is ass !bugsack + somefubarmod is bleh. but i still like this one better, the updates mostly seem to be cosmetic. it would be nice to see a new version of this, and the toc updated with patches to verify it's still current etc.
File: Buffet10-18-08
WoW 7 Macro's is death-to-macro-opt...
Posted By: qwksilver
WoW 7 Macro's is death-to-macro-options 2 that do this, #1 Combat: Health Pot, NoCombat Food, ALT-HealthStone, Shift-Bandage #2 Combat: Mana Pot, NoCombat Drink, ALT-ManaGeM, Shift-Evocation the extra options on #2 assume that you are a mage... ...otherwise they wouldn't be there. this would be killa space and time saver...