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File: QuestGuru02-11-11
Posted By: Corbeau
Trust me, I prefer to have all my addons in one place, so I love that it's here, but I didn't realize at first, and I was going to Wowui to get it. However, I noticed that I can't get to it over there anymore. Would that be due to a lot of the virus issues he has there? Anyway, I was just curious if the addon would be updated re...
File: Altoholic10-17-10
Re: Re: Quests not showing up
Posted By: Corbeau
Originally posted by Thaoky It could always be the case. Simple test: disable QuestGuru, log an alt, check the quest log. Ok, very odd. I disabled QuestGuru, and logged into one of my alts. The quests showed up fine. I then logged out, enabled QuestGuru, and logged in a different alt, where the quests didn't save. Now, they...
File: Altoholic10-17-10
Quests not showing up
Posted By: Corbeau
First off, thanks for an amazing addon! I have many alts, and this is one of my can't live without addons. Now, onto my issue. ;) I can't see any quests for my characters in the quest window. Well, not true, I see them for one, but nobody else. The thing is, I use a quest log replacement addon called QuestGuru. The character...
File: XPBarNone03-24-10
Still being updated?
Posted By: Corbeau
Just curious if this addon is still being supported\updated. I love this XP bar, it's one of my favorites, and since 3.3.3 hit, I've noticed a couple little things wrong, mostly cosmetic. I was wondering if there was going to be an update. Thanks!!
File: Altoholic02-15-10
I've been trying to figure this out...
Posted By: Corbeau
I've been trying to figure this out for awhile. Is there a way to remove the information for a guild? I joined a guild for a short time, and later left. But now I still see their information coming up, especially items from their guild bank which I obviously no longer have access to. It comes up in some item tooltips, as well as in m...
File: Altoholic02-13-10
Error in Guild Bank tab
Posted By: Corbeau
When I click on the Guild Bank tab, this is the error that pops up: Date: 2010-02-13 23:37:23 ID: 2 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Altoholic\Frames\TabGuildBank.lua line 58: attempt to index global 'DS' (a nil value) Debug: : ? Altoholic\Frames\TabGuildBank.lua:58: OnShow() :1: :1...
File: Altoholic01-25-10
Guild banks and their deletion
Posted By: Corbeau
I've noticed that, when you delete a guild from the Guild Banks tab, it sets all the guild bank tabs to N/A, but doesn't actually remove the guild from the list. Is there any way to remove the guilds from the list? I'm no longer in some of the guilds, and just want to clean things up a bit. It works fine as it is, since I have the...
File: Mapster12-12-09
Re: Re: Hide Border greyed out?
Posted By: Corbeau
Originally posted by Nevcairiel Because it wasn't finished yet, and i wanted to get the 3.3 version out, will be added! That would explain it. :) I really do like this addon, glad I found it!
File: Mapster12-09-09
Hide Border greyed out?
Posted By: Corbeau
Just wondering why the Hide Border option is greyed out. I really like this addon, Cart was just getting to be too buggy, and I was looking for something with the Fog of War feature. I like that you can hide the border and artwork in the mini mode, but I was wondering why you can't do it in scale mode?
File: Mountiful08-18-09
Ahh, ok. Didn't realize that beta'...
Posted By: Corbeau
Ahh, ok. Didn't realize that beta's get pushed automatically. I'm just glad it's working again. :) And I'm rather happy I didn't have to go through and figure out which were fast and which were slow. That's a nice feature. Originally posted by Jomar It's hosted on the WoWAce SVN so betas get pushed to Curse automatically,...
File: Mountiful08-17-09
"/mount reset" did nothing for me,...
Posted By: Corbeau
"/mount reset" did nothing for me, except for crash WoW to the desktop. Which sucked. However, over on Curse, version 1.8.3 Beta is up, and it works! Finally. :) Now, if only it would be updated here.. :P Not a huge fan of Curse, but if that's where it's being updated, I have no choice.
File: Mountiful08-12-09
Yeah, I'm having the same issue. N...
Posted By: Corbeau
Yeah, I'm having the same issue. Nothing is showing up in the windows. *edit* There is a new version, 1.6.6 Beta, up on Curse. From some of the comments, it may also not be working, but I'm going to try it out. I'll post here if it works. *edit 2* 1.6.6 Beta is having the same issue. Oh well, hopefully it will be fixed soon.
File: Cartographer09-26-07
Re: Change computer
Posted By: Corbeau
Originally posted by Salvos ~Hey~ So i just got a brand new computer.. put all of my addons on it and i had a problem. On my old computer i put markers for all of the quest i did. I want that on my new computer. I moved all of the Cartographer folders but it didnt help. Any help on this would be great. Thanks.. Salvos In y...
File: CTMod09-25-07
No sound when buff wears off - 2.2
Posted By: Corbeau
Just installed the updates for 2.2, and everything is working great, except that I get no sound when the buffs are about to go away. Just curious, does this have to do with the new sound system Blizzard put it? I have max sound channels being used in Blizzard's sound control panel, and the option to play the expiration sound is che...