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File: XLoot 1.0 (Inactive)06-29-11
4.2 Item Name/Color bug
Posted By: Clavicle
Now that in 4.2 XLoot is putting the colour code in front of the item names rather than colouring the names, does anyone have a fix yet?
File: Tidy Plates Beta02-12-11
117 - Many options not working
Posted By: Clavicle
The text is unreadable and I can't see how to change it. It is a bold block type that often has the letters overlapping so you can't read them. The percentage health on the bars isn't displaying, even when turned on, and the frame rate with this version is about 25% less than exactly the same UI with the older versions. I would re...
File: Ion Action Bars10-23-10
Right Click Drag to Copy
Posted By: Clavicle
Is the Right Click Drag to Copy option gone? I am missing it a lot.
File: Ion Action Bars10-02-09
3.3 PTR - Macrooon causing discos
Posted By: Clavicle
I know there has not been time to do anything about this yet, but just as a fyi - macaroon causes you to be disconnected from the server as soon as you log in on the 3.3 ptr. With Macaroon turned off I can log in, with it enabled I can't. Can't provide any errors as it doesn't get that far.
File: PerfectRaid (Inc Heal)09-15-09
Any chance that this is going to be...
Posted By: Clavicle
Any chance that this is going to be updated to LibHealComm4.0, which seems to have much smoother tracking?
File: SilentRespec05-07-09
Sounds Great
Posted By: Clavicle
I have loaded this into my AddOns directory, yet it does not appear in my addons list. I also looked through the code and couldn't see any /command to call up the options defined. Looking forward to a working release.
File: Ion Action Bars04-22-09
30100.1.13 is having problems with...
Posted By: Clavicle
30100.1.13 is having problems with spec swap. I have "Enable profile switching upon spec change" selected - but swapping specs I need to manually load the profiles. More than half of the time on login, the bar positioning problem is back too.
File: Ion Action Bars04-16-09
Now I can't replicate the problem t...
Posted By: Clavicle
Now I can't replicate the problem that caused me to lose my bars. Sorry Maul, looks like it was something odd at my end.
File: Ion Action Bars04-15-09
30100.1.2 wiping all settings.
Posted By: Clavicle
I had my Bars and everything working perfectly since Macaroon was released. All the way through the betas on PTR for 3.1 as well. This latest version has killed my bars completely. Update: I logged out and logged back in with the feature to Enable Profile Switching upon Spec Change turned off, then I saved the profile I was in. Th...
File: Outfitter03-21-09
Thanks to mundocani.
Posted By: Clavicle
As an end user who doesn't write addons, but has used Outfitter for a very long time, I am sorry to see it pass away. But I do respect mundocani's decision, even if I don't agree with it. I know a couple of casual players who paid for some levelling addons to maximize their time efficiency when power levelling; money they had, tim...
File: PerfectRaid03-09-09
Marking raid members are Private.
Posted By: Clavicle
I am sure we have all had raid members that we have been so annoyed at that we have not wanted to heal them. Last night this was caused for me by a player who complained that priests were casting Mind Vision on them, when they were trying to get information for the raid about the one person who was not with the group and how far away...
File: Ion Action Bars02-28-09
I was hoping that Blizzard would pu...
Posted By: Clavicle
I was hoping that Blizzard would put a Macro conditional in that would respond to which talent build you had active. Then we could make our changes with something like... /cast Frostbolt /cast Fireball but so far it doesn't seem that this is the case :(
File: Ion Action Bars01-04-09
In what appears to be Maul's vanish...
Posted By: Clavicle
In what appears to be Maul's vanishment, and the impeding break of Macaroon in 3.0.8, I have been investigating other bar mods... and they really all seem to suck. Nothing with good macro control, fleixible bar setup, right-click copy, left-click drag on abilities, pop-up menus, lots of buttons on bars.... argh. Seriously, WoW...
File: Scrolling Combat Text12-14-08
Is there a way of excluding buffs f...
Posted By: Clavicle
Is there a way of excluding buffs from the Buff Gain/Fade events? The changes to the buff display in the combat log mean that I am getting almost constant spam from Ferocious Inspiration and other buffs that are re-applied sometimes several times a second. This makes displaying buffs almost useless as I can't see the ones I care abou...
File: SCT - Damage12-14-08
One problem I am having with SCTD i...
Posted By: Clavicle
One problem I am having with SCTD is that no matter whether the "Disable WoW Damage" option is ticked, with SCTD loaded the build in damage display over the mobs head is turned off every time I log in. This means I always have to go into Interface/Options/Combat Text and turn it back on. Very annoying.
File: Ion Action Bars11-11-08
Kraav, I use the following macro...
Posted By: Clavicle
Kraav, I use the following macro on my bandage button and no matter who my target is it always applies it to myself. /use Heavy Netherweave Bandage
File: Outfitter11-09-08
Similar Broker/FuBar problems
Posted By: Clavicle
I am seeing both the Broker and the FuBar buttons on my FuBar. The FuBar one shows only the word "Outfitter" while the broker one shows the name of my outfit. However the broker one (like all broker stuff) will only appear on the left of the bar, which is annoying. I also can't turn off the broker one. With the FuBar one I acciden...
File: Ion Action Bars11-05-08
Fishing doesn't use the Global Cool...
Posted By: Clavicle
Fishing doesn't use the Global Cooldown, never has.
File: Ion Action Bars11-05-08
New bug with companion calling macros
Posted By: Clavicle
With the lastest build of Macaroon my fun fishing macro isn't working... /script CallCompanion("CRITTER", random(GetNumCompanions("CRITTER"))); /cast Fishing Previously this would call a new companion and cast my fishing line, now it calls a new companion and stops. As an avid fisherman with over 60 companions it added a level...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-27-08
Latest version getting Broker suppo...
Posted By: Clavicle
Latest version getting Broker support is good, but has effectively killed my bar. Can't turn off the text, can't position the location to any side except Left.... About 10% of my bar is taken up by an addon that should just be a button. If you are going to add support for this, please make it work.
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-23-08
Phanx, as I have mentioned this see...
Posted By: Clavicle
Phanx, as I have mentioned this seems to be a problem only after you use the SBF Options. If you setup your options and do a reloadui then your buff frame should be back under the bags. Satrina knows about this.
File: Ion Action Bars10-23-08
Zombies - problems
Posted By: Clavicle
Dumbest event ever... however. I have a bar setup with Pet and Possess, and both states have Pet id: 1 to 10 on them. When I get turned into a Zombie I dont see a bar for it. Blizz have said this is using the vehicle system. I created a new bar with Action 1-12, and that was empty too. What state is the bar to make this work...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-23-08
Stupid Zombies
Posted By: Clavicle
Since the Zombie event started, I keep getting the following error while in combat with mobs while I have the Your Infected! debuff. Interface\AddOns\SatrinaBuffFrame\SBFFrame.lua:539: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) This is the dumbest event ever.
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-22-08
- Fixed a problem where buffs would...
Posted By: Clavicle
- Fixed a problem where buffs would overflow frames sometimes I am still getting buffs on SBFFrame2 showing over my bags after using /sbf options. The number of times I am using this is dropping however, so probably not a major issue.
File: PerfectRaid_QuickHealth10-22-08
Any chance of this being updated to...
Posted By: Clavicle
Any chance of this being updated to use LibQuickhealth-2.0 and 3.0.2 I have tried changing it to use the new library, but it is more complicated than that :D