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File: EquippedItemLevel01-03-13
updated addon
Posted By: Skyscorcher
Hi , i like your addon, but after last patch where you can upgrade ur items tooltip shows wrong info. Is there any chance you are going to upgrade it to display corrected ilvl when someone has upgraded his items. thanks a lot :)
File: RealUI10-03-12
Unit Frames Options
Posted By: Skyscorcher
Hello and thanks for this awesome compilation, I have 2 questions that you could probably answer for me. 1. How do I access the options for Unit frames, not the Ice HUD but the actual player and target frames in order to alter some options, size, position etc. 2. Secondly is it possible to deactivate this dark grey/black skin t...
File: hud09-28-09
Originally posted by Mickelus yes...
Posted By: Skyscorcher
Originally posted by Mickelus yes, that is a planned feature. :D That is fantastic to hear. Any ETA on this? No promise, just an estimation. Thanks again on the responce.
File: hud09-25-09
Pet Health plx
Posted By: Skyscorcher
Hello m8, First of all I need to say that this is by far the best HUD addon I ve used and on of my top 3 fav of all time. Gratz on the development of it. My only tiny, little request I got would be if we could set one bar (bottom bar e.g) to show the pet health. I as a hunter need to be able to follow my pets health all t...