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File: BonusScanner Continued04-05-09
Armor value too low
Posted By: Lichthammer
BonusScanner shows a too low armor value compared to my character info or Tankadin2 both for my high level paladin and for my low level warrior. The values are app. 10% to low. I could not figure out where the difference comes from, since none of the armor items or shield accounts for that difference, nor any combination of them....
File: Broker: GotMail03-31-09
Show/Hide MiniMap Mail Button
Posted By: Lichthammer
Hi, it would be nice to have an option to show/hide the Blizzard MiniMap Mail button as well. I usually look at this button to see whether new mail arrived, and at Broker_GotMail to see how many. Best regards!
File: Tankadin203-25-09
Wish: Data Broker/Titan Panel/FuBar Plugin?
Posted By: Lichthammer
Hi Chloe, I like to have a "clean-as-possible" user interface, and would even like to get rid of the small Tankadin2 bar, if possible. Have you thought about a Data Broker/Titan Panel/FuBar plugin to show the Tankadin2 stats, either upon clicking or, maybe, as a tooltip when hovering over with the mouse? Many thanks for Tankad...
File: Broker_Location03-22-09
Option for displaying/hiding level range
Posted By: Lichthammer
Hi, I would also like to have an option to display or hide the recommended level range in the label text. Currently, I just commented out line 86 ... Best regards!
File: DockingStation (Display)03-18-09
Hi! I'm currently trying DockingSta...
Posted By: Lichthammer
Hi! I'm currently trying DockingStation and get an annoying error message, when, for example, sending mail, where the message is: "Interface\Addon\DockingStation\Frames.lua:245: Attempt to find 'this' in non-stable object (used '.' instead of ':'?)" I also got this or a similar message popping up every few seconds in a heroic i...
File: Titan Panel03-17-09
Re: Re: Re: Re: Two Small Feature Requests
Posted By: Lichthammer
Originally posted by AnrDaemon You can disable minimap adjust. Also, there's small plugin that i'm using to manage minimap for myself. zimMinimap. It's literally a few lines of code aranged into standalone plugin. You can download it and add/remove stuff to your liking. I've played with the MiniMap adjustment options, but wit...
File: Titan Panel03-17-09
Re: Re: Two Small Feature Requests
Posted By: Lichthammer
Originally posted by Tristanian Thanks for the feedback, we'll probably integrate this option to TitanCoords, as for the other request, there are technical reasons with the current version of the code that make it unfeasible, still we are looking at ways to improve the current system. Fine! Meanwhile, I've tested naively the th...
File: Titan Panel03-16-09
Two Small Feature Requests
Posted By: Lichthammer
Dear Titan Panel developers, I'm currently comparing Titan Panel with a Data Broker display (DockingStation) and FuBar. All have their pros and cons. One nice little feature that Broker_Location and Fubar_LocationFu have in common, and that I would like to see in TitanCoords, is to hide that rectangular box on top of the MiniMap w...
File: Titan Panel03-23-08
Now, I can unzip ;-)
Posted By: Lichthammer
Dear Nyte, thanks for your reply! The problem occured yesterday under Leopard, but not under Tiger. Strangely, I can now unzip the files without any problems under Leopard, too. I have no explanation ... Anyway, thanks for your help and especially that you and your partners have taken over the further development of one of my f...
File: Titan Panel03-22-08
I can't unzip the last versions
Posted By: Lichthammer
Dear developers, I can't unzip the last versions of Titan Panel that were created by HonorGoG. Previous versions unzip without any problems. Here is the error message on my Mac: $ unzip TitanPanel321.20300.2.zip Archive: TitanPanel321.20300.2.zip End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not a...
File: FuBar - LocationFu05-31-07
Bring back coordinates on world map as an option
Posted By: Lichthammer
... and, please, bring back coordinates to the world map again, as it was before! The missing coordinates on the world map is the major hurdle for me to change from Titan Panel to FuBar. You could add the display of coordinates on the world map as an option for those who installed other addons that display coordinates, like Cartograp...
File: FuBar - LocationFu12-14-06
It's a pity that ckknight decided t...
Posted By: Lichthammer
It's a pity that ckknight decided to remove the most useful feature of LocationFu, namely to display the coordinates of the character and the cursor in the world map. Without this functionality, I think LocationFu has become pretty useless. Coordinator is certainly a powerful addon, but I don't want to use it. I hope that ckknight ch...