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File: Perl Classic Unit Frames01-09-11
Posted By: Durin
Hi there, I didn't find any mention in the changelog of the possibility to replace or (re)move the default Blizzard BossFrame(s). I've been looking for an AddOn to disable it completely, but haven't found one that actually works. Can Perl Classic be made to (re)move or replace this frame? Thanks for this awesome AddOn!...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant12-12-10
Minimap area
Posted By: Durin
Hey! First off: good job on this AddOn, I like it :P Do you think it will be possible to incorporate a function to show the digsite-area on the minimap? Something like the AddOn NPCScan(.overlay) does for rare mob patrol areas? I find myself looking at the main worldmap very often to determine if I'm not flying outside of th...
File: XBar10-15-10
Ah! Thanks for explaining all th...
Posted By: Durin
Ah! Thanks for explaining all that! I was probably mistaken with the Ace2 thingy, errorlogs are not too reader-friendly :P Thanks for updating this awesome addon!
File: XBar10-14-10
TrapBar not working correctly
Posted By: Durin
First off, thanks for keeping this AddOn alive :P rel 4.00 has a few issues for my hunter though. I cannot use XTrapBar to set the following traps: Immolation, Explosive, Freezing and Ice Trap. I can only set them after using Trap Launcher first! It seems the bar doesn't "know" that those traps can be set without using Trap Lau...
File: Confirm Loot Roll01-20-10
It works!
Posted By: Durin
Heya :) Good news everyone! It seems that this latest version definately works, at least for me. I've seen no more nagging confirmations popping up, no errors too! And best of all I am still using XLoot! I say good work! :P Thanks
File: Confirm Loot Roll01-12-10
Heya! I started using this addon...
Posted By: Durin
Heya! I started using this addon just recently, and I also find that the confirmation window isn't being closed. The loot-roll I chose is immediately accepted, but the confirmation window stays open. If I then manually type the following command in the editbox: /script StaticPopup_Hide("CONFIRM_LOOT_ROLL"); the confirmati...
File: Prat 3.001-10-10
Originally posted by Nyamie Will...
Posted By: Durin
Originally posted by Nyamie Will prat ever be offered the chat option to shorten the chat for instance: raid becomes r. guild becomes g. say becomes s. etc? Or does it offer that and I just never saw the option? Prat offers these options already. You can find them on the "Chat Formatting" tab, option "ChannelNames". The...
File: Speedy Actions12-04-09
Thanks for the speedy update (pun i...
Posted By: Durin
Thanks for the speedy update (pun intended) :D, but unfortunately the same problem still persists with FishingBuddy. It's not a game-breaker. As far as I can tell version 1.0 works flawless for me, so I'm fine sticking to that version...no need to rush on my part :) Cheers, Durin
File: Speedy Actions12-03-09
Fishingbuddy incompatibility
Posted By: Durin
After updating to Speedy Actions 1.2, I am unable to fish at all using FishingBuddy! In the change log there was a comment that some fix with FishermansFriend was attempted? Well, it seems that this has broken FishingBuddy :) Upon right-clicking, it casts upon single-click, instead of the usual double right-click. So far not a...
File: autotrack11-14-09
Posted By: Durin
Heya! Bug with losing tracking when switching to another mob of the same type seems fixed indeed! Very nice :P Regarding my other request: I know that I can stop switching when leaving combat by typing "/at lct 0", but that's not really convenient if I just want to temporarily stop out-of-combat tracking, for instance when PvP'...
File: autotrack11-13-09
Posted By: Durin
Well, it was extremely simple to add my requested out-of-combat tracking request. I just added the following lines: autotrackDB.leaveCombatTracking = 0 after the line autotrackDB.enabled = false and autotrackDB.leaveCombatTracking = 2 ("Find Minerals") after the line autotrackDB.enabled = true This fixed it ju...
File: autotrack11-13-09
Feature request (or just a bugreport)
Posted By: Durin
Hi, I really like this addon, but there are 2 things that are not working quite as I expected. Firstly, I have set LeaveCombatTracking (lct) to Find Minerals (being a miner and all), but if I enter a BG or just want to PvP a bit, there's currently (to my knowlegde) no way to disable the lct tracking switch. I just want to keep tra...