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File: X-Perl UnitFrames03-29-08
Rogue combo points
Posted By: davidcollantes
Rogue combo points aren't sticking. If I get to the configuration, uncheck and check it again, it will work. If I log, and come back in, even though it is checked, it will not show on target.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-26-07
Problems on battlegrounds
Posted By: davidcollantes
It seems something on X-Perl is causing messages on BG like "No player named 'playername' is currently playing". I get those for members of my raid group. Anyone else noticed this, and how to fix it?
File: Cartographer07-16-07
Originally posted by Ghraf It's t...
Posted By: davidcollantes
Originally posted by Ghraf It's too bad... This mod was great, but it's not being updated. I suggest MetaMap to everyone else that is unable to get cartographer to work properly anymore... The only thing I liked in Cartographer over MetaMap is the gathering icons and the way they would show on the minimap... Everything else look...
File: OmniCC04-22-07
How to make it behave like the old one?
Posted By: davidcollantes
The OmniCC I was using, would pulse with light, no shape, at the end of the countdown. The current is pulsing with the square button, but I use Trinity Bars round buttons, hence the pulse doesn't look good. Is there a way to come back to the "original" light intensity pulsating way instead? Thanks in advance.
File: SpellWatch01-07-07
Posted By: davidcollantes
Does anyone has a full template file, premade with all spells, etc? I am currently using CCWatch and I have everything on it prefilled. TIA.