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I am also having issues with the ch...
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I am also having issues with the chat arrows disappearing and the chat scrolling not working. It seems like every time I zone, I lose these settings... it's a major pain ti reset them every time I zone.
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Re: Re: Feature Requests
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Originally posted by Zeksie PATCHES Main issues: There are new party/raid alignment & anchoring options, but they're not finished yet so bear with me on that. :) Yay! I'm a druid, so that won't be hard.. :cool:
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Feature Requests
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Feature Requests: Independent dragging of party members, or a spacing slider when the party frames are lined up horizontaly. When I scale them up, they run into each other. Adjustable text sizes for names and health/mana values. Party Target: Do something like Discord Unit Frames used to do... When you are targeting the same...