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File: Supervillain UI07-28-14
keep chuggin' at it bro,it seems li...
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keep chuggin' at it bro,it seems like you are getting closer to perfection these last couple releases (in general). Then you have ALL your other ideas to implement hehe and start all over with the testing I guess. Not to mention the xpac coming up....which btw I am still working on trying to get you a key ( if you don't have one alre...
File: Supervillain UI07-14-14
Off Topic
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Hey Mung, take a look at my one UI that I uploaded here over 7 years ago lol....While I only got a compiler status, I made it all from individual files and had to spend hours in PS edited and converted the .tga files as well as small adjustments to .lua files to make it all fit and actually work in real time lol! http://i4.photobu...
File: Supervillain UI07-13-14
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Poor Mung has created a monster!!! :p
File: Supervillain UI07-13-14
Does the "dock" feature for Skada,...
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Does the "dock" feature for Skada, Omen etc only work at 90? It works at any level. What is your problem exactly?
File: Supervillain UI07-09-14
wish list cont. lol
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1st-still very curious as to how you implement my "radar" hehe. I know it's not gonna replace the punk option for carbonite due to how they work it into their minimap and that in itself is a feat to behold. If it could at least pop up the name and be able to maybe click it to target, that would be a nice feature! 2nd-still would l...
File: Supervillain UI07-06-14
Re: Re: cast bar resize
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I'd like to see what you have, at least a screenshot. I've been working on my own too which was patterned after the great ALZA UI. Hmm...Like I said haven't bothered with too much so far but here is a couple examples so far. Not too much different from yours I imagine atm hehe ;) In combat> Out...
File: Supervillain UI07-06-14
cast bar resize
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works fine for me but I've not been following his problems enough to know what is meant by his comment "properly" (unless it is in the appearance?). btw the last couple patches have worked well for me without error. once you get all your plugins finished, i would really like to sit down and go through all of your work and make my own...
File: Supervillain UI07-04-14
4x SVUI-4.03\system\classes\Databas...
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4x SVUI-4.03\system\classes\Database.lua:3399: bad argument #1 to "next" (table expected, got boolean) SVUI-4.03\system\classes\Database.lua:3399: in function SVUI-4.03\system\classes\Database.lua:3416: in function Locals: db = ...
File: Supervillain UI06-24-14
been playing all day including raid...
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been playing all day including raiding with 0 errors with latest build ;)
File: Supervillain UI06-21-14
featured addon
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you got my vote! you need your own sub forums and all the works. your's is obviously the hot thing here and i bet as long as the updates keep coming, it's just a matter of time! :banana: cheers:cool:
File: Supervillain UI06-17-14
main error i keep getting
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9567x SVUI-4.0\system\templates.lua:473: attempt to call method "SetTexture" (a nil value) SVUI-4.0\system\templates.lua:473: in function SVUI-4.0\system\templates.lua:487: in function SVUI-4.0\packages\chat\SVChat.lua:844: in function
File: Supervillain UI06-16-14
2 things I noticed after installing...
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2 things I noticed after installing 4.0 so far > I can't create new chat windows and my guild rep says neutral when it is actually revered. Can't wait to see "my radar" :D I'm wondering if the rep thing will correct itself once I complete a quest to earn some more guild rep... thank you for your time spent and making the game fun...
File: Supervillain UI06-12-14
hopefully one of those "previews" m...
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hopefully one of those "previews" might have a little "radar" action! :D
File: Supervillain UI06-11-14
omg the silence!
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It's times like this that drives me bonkers :banana:
File: Supervillain UI06-05-14
Originally Posted by Anj I immedia...
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Originally Posted by Anj I immediately thought of the 1960's Batman TV series. Exactly. Why not? If Mung went to the trouble of drawing out the animations, why not add sound? I haven't even tried this UI in pvp yet but I'm assuming those pretty pictures floating off from the target are crits and maybe kill shots? Sound could be...
File: Supervillain UI06-02-14
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SVRadar? I could only wish that means what I think it means based off my BUT I haven't seen anyone do it but one BUT it seems like things have changed with the API to maybe make this possible. I've seen newer addons mark rare spawns on the minimap but not sure how it works with tracking them when they move BUT it's...
File: Supervillain UI05-29-14
Re: Update question
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I haven't update for couple of weeks. Do you recommend clean install for the UI or can I just drag and drop? delete and replace all.
File: Supervillain UI05-28-14
I for one would put in +1 vote for...
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I for one would put in +1 vote for Curse. I use their updater daily and have for years with no problems. I only come here for the community and the few that haven't added their stuff to Curse (you lol). Curse is a huge pain for browsing compared to this site but the updater works spot on and easy to use for browsing too. Guess I can...
File: Supervillain UI05-23-14
Re: Incoming
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New update v3.999b -- Fixed BNet conversation button on friends window -- Slightly revamped friends window -- Fixed re-sizing of minimap -- Adjusted dock button highlights -- Bag sorting is now MUCH faster -- Re-vamped chat bubbles ATTENTION: You may want to re install all of the Interface (ie... just before the addons f...
File: Supervillain UI05-19-14
One more update incoming (sorry to...
Posted By: moondoggy
One more update incoming (sorry to anyone who already downloaded tonights updates) Dude, don't apologize lol! You can be sure we are all grateful for your efforts and hard work! That's coming from someone who has loved your UI since the beginning like 3 years ago and "Super" happy you got the spark again to pick it back up. If you...
File: Voice Encounter Mods (VEM) - MOP05-19-14
old school raids?
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i have installed but yet to try the addon. it sounds perfect for someone like me who has been a casual player now for a a couple years lol. But I assume this is just for the most current lvl 90 raids (MOP) and nothing for the older raids vanilla thru cata correct? I don't have time for real raiding and now just have fun going back th...
File: Supervillain UI05-14-14
hi again, i was playing game today...
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hi again, i was playing game today n i was not able to get any IM. i can hear sound of IM but i cannot see it. can you please fix it? thanks not sure if it is intended but the last time i got pm's the little pm tab actually appears on the bottom bar below the action buttons or thereabouts.
File: Supervillain UI05-11-14
Re: Re: Re: Re: top secret questing addition
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just think though...a built in module to track the villain and throw up a "bat signal". Seems like it could be handy to every superhero if you ask me!:p :D A cheap shot at Munglunch in hopes to get my way I know...shameless aren't I:rolleyes:
File: Supervillain UI05-10-14
Re: Re: top secret questing addition
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I dont plan to make any kind of questing "do-this-then-go-here" kind of feature. Those addons can get pretty heavy in terms of performance consumption and I'm pretty focused on keeping thing as light weight yet jam-packed as possible. I'm more interested in just the aspect of how your maps and objectives tracker can be enhanced. T...
File: Supervillain UI05-08-14
top secret questing addition
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your carbonite replacement would be great but ain't gonna lie. ever since i got my hands on zygor thats all i need BUT i still have carbonite installed becasue there hasnt been a single addon ever come out to replace his punk dectection like it does and place them on the minimap...sure there are some that let you know an enemy is aro...