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File: Bartender410-13-14
This may seem like a silly question...
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This may seem like a silly question, but is there a way within BT4 to rotate mini-menu buttons? I'm thinking of things like mage portals/teleports, warlock and hunter pet summon abilities, two of the new level 100 hunter talents, warrior banners, shaman totems, etc. Things where you may have multiple abilities tied to the same butt...
File: KeyBind11-08-11
Re: Re: Out of date
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Could you let me know what isn't working about it, and I'll check it out, ta. I can't say for sure if this is the same issue he was having, but it looks like there's a conflict between KeyBind and Bartender4—when I type /kb with BT4 enabled, I access BT4's key binding interface. Typing /keybind in full seems to work if BT4 is activ...
File: LUI v301-24-10
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Originally posted by Shifted Hello! First of all, i wanted to thank loui for creating this UI. This is the only pre made UI that i can use without any changes. But let's cut to the problem. I can't make the left side sidebar.. I tried three times. I got the sliding window done but the lines and cubes are always messed up. Can s...