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File: Gnome Sequencer - Enhanced07-19-16
Need to be careful with boomie spel...
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Need to be careful with boomie spells.... sunfire and lunar strike are AOE spells now. If you want a selective pull use moonfire and solar wrath. Moonfire will only dot 1 mob unless you tab target. Sunfire dots the whole group. I suggest using /castsequence reset=target Moonfire, Sunfire This way you can tab target with m...
File: Dominos03-01-15
druid bars not showing
Posted By: RLD
as the title sez and bags too
File: Titan Panel10-23-14
for some reason the latest patch lo...
Posted By: RLD
for some reason the latest patch loottype module is not working. titanloottype.lua:162 attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
File: SimpleVignette10-19-14
Unfortunately since 6.02 the only s...
Posted By: RLD
Unfortunately since 6.02 the only sound that works is Warning. I notice that other addons are using .og sound format instead of .mp3. I dont have a converter or I'd try that.
File: Blue's AutoEmote07-12-14
Seems to be broken again. Won't loa...
Posted By: RLD
Seems to be broken again. Won't load. Worked fine up until just recently. I even updated the toc to 50400; still no loading. :( Would appreciate it much if you would fix it again.
File: AvgItemLvl09-24-13
Anyway to get this updated
Posted By: RLD
I'm not very good at hacking the code to make corrections. I imagine the Epic/Legendary cloak at 600/608 ilvl is what broke your code. Currently as of 5.4 the addon is erroneous on ilvl. It shows 535.40/538.59 in inspection window and 535.40 in tooltip. My armory and AskMrRobot shows 538. Totaling up the items on the inspection...
File: Thanks4Buff09-19-11
Stopped working
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It seems since 4.2 t4b has stopped working. Tried deleting macro, saved variables, and addon. Logged out of game; started without addon; shut game down. Readded addon, reloaded, set options and it will not create the macro.
File: Blue's AutoEmote08-25-11
Posted By: RLD
Any chance this is ever gonna get updated. I miss it. RLD
File: TomTom04-30-11
Re: Re: libmapdata
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Originally posted by Cladhaire Yes, I'm aware that Libmapdata is slightly out of date, and I did that on purpose. You've said a whole bunch of things, but haven't indicated what problem you're actually having. What you were getting was not an error, it was an informative message. I know how to update my addons, I have been doing...
File: TomTom04-30-11
Posted By: RLD
Libmapdata.lua has been updated and now has both heroic Zul' instances in it now. prior to this last update Zul'Aman was not integrated into it. I was getting an error similar to "Libmapdata-1.0 no local data for 301" or something like that when in either one of the Zul' instances. Replaced libmapdata.lua with the latest release an...
File: QBar02-24-11
4.06 killed quest items
Posted By: RLD
4.06 and no qbar no longer knows of the quest items or the ones I had added before. It does appear to remember them if I add them now.
File: TargetPercent02-04-10
I like the idea of this . . .
Posted By: RLD
I've tried another mob percent addon and it was fine until I died. It no longer showed the percentage. don't know about this one yet. I like also that this is by the mobs unit frame. Couple of small suggestions (even tho you may not have wanted to put this much work into this addon): Allow moving from left to right side of uni...
File: MikScrollingBattleText12-26-09
For You Boomkins out there in need of Eclipse triggers
Posted By: RLD
TL:DR Since there doesn't appear to be search functions for the comments I tought I'd post my triggers for Solar and Lunar Eclipse for my fellow Balance Druids. Maybe Mikord will be so kind as to update MSBT with these as defaults. title: Lunar Eclipse! Main events = 3 button: add conditions Recipient Unit Affiliation - E...
File: WiseEclipse09-19-09
visibility issues
Posted By: RLD
I have been trying to add the msg to the scrolling combat frame but I'm not able to quite get it. Just hacking it to try to get it to work. I can get it to print to the error frame but the text is small and not noticeable. I haven't been able to figure out how to set the font. Could you or someone add it to the scrolling combat...
File: _NPCScan07-05-09
for mac users
Posted By: RLD
do you tend to forget to clear your cache? I created this apple script to clear the cache and then start the game. MacHD is your startup disk. Volumes:games can be eliminated if you don't have the game on another hard drive. Copy the lines between "begin code" and "end code" into script editor and edit to the proper location on...
File: GearCheck (InventoryOnPar)06-16-09
Also you will need to delete your s...
Posted By: RLD
Also you will need to delete your saved variables IOP files. kept getting table errors until I removed them.
File: OzRaid06-12-09
Originally posted by Ozymandius 1...
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Originally posted by Ozymandius 1) The tooltips only appear cos I call them to pop up - no idea what tiptac is doing. I will have a look & if I like the tiptac style I can adjust the tooltips to look more like that if possible - otherwise I think its a tiptac issue. found the issue with tips not showing; was a setting I had mad...
File: OzRaid06-06-09
Thank you for the quick update. Mu...
Posted By: RLD
Thank you for the quick update. Much much better imo. Still a couple of things that bug me about the addon; but not enuff to quit using it. 1. tips. I use tiptac. I prefer its mouseover to your abbreviated mouseover on the oz frame. but if I disable yours it also disables tiptac for some reason. 2. default frame load. its...
File: cRange205-30-09
Originally posted by ragnarok00 I...
Posted By: RLD
Originally posted by ragnarok00 It's cool. Will it be possible to add support to spells for friendly players? I didn't see an answer to this question. I too would like to see ranges for other friendly players/NPCs. Also some of our spells (druid) will reach to 40m/yd (resto/balance tree) and 48m/yd (one spell 'soothe ani...
File: OzRaid05-23-09
Couple of things. You have mark of...
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Couple of things. You have mark of the wild as showing ooc but not gift of the wild. Most all druids will use gift of the wild by default if they are in a raid because of its longer cooldown. It is currently not in the list for ooc display. Also I like litestep texture for my bars. Please add. Ackl of Tanaris
File: Call To Arms (monitor LFG channel)05-06-09
Something I have noticed with the d...
Posted By: RLD
Something I have noticed with the double post bug. There is no output next to the minimap like there used to be. Could it be a slight programing error in that you are putting that announcement in LFG variable/token/array instead of next to the minimap variable/token/array. The only thing that shows next to minimap now is "Announced...
File: _NPCScan04-08-09
You don't have to delete the whole...
Posted By: RLD
You don't have to delete the whole directory. just the creaturecache.wdb file in your \World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\enUS\ :)
File: Prat 2.008-31-08
The last few iterations (actually q...
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The last few iterations (actually quite a few) I have not been able to copy and paste properly. I can copy fine to and external editor app but I cannot past into the prat input line. early on when issues started showing up it would only post 1 letter of a paste. currently it will only paste one word. what config step am I missing or...
File: Healerbuttons 308-27-08
Re: Re: small gotchas
Posted By: RLD
Originally posted by Scale Ok here are the things ;) Now for the pet i actually dont have a clue becuase i manually heal pets :P So that code hasn't been properly updated but i'm looking at it RIGHT now. Bgs are really not much of an issue I just set groups to 0. I'm wondering if the pet issue is a targetfocus focus (think...
File: Healerbuttons 308-27-08
small gotchas
Posted By: RLD
If a party memeber has pet clicking on button heals pet and not party member. also getting this error in BGs: Healers Buttons: RaidPullout2Button1ClearButton not found Ackl