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File: SimpleUnitFrames09-01-08
Posted By: Thirn
The target portrait seems to be showing damage/healing done by everyone not only the client. Is there a way to limit displayed damage done by your own character only? I suppose leaving any healing on would be beneficial as well. The old addon I used for this was brDamageText, so I suppose this was possible before the combat log ch...
File: Mendeleev06-22-07
The issue previously mentioned is f...
Posted By: Thirn
The issue previously mentioned is finally fixed - grab a newest version at http://files.wowace.com/Mendeleev/
File: OmniCC05-27-07
Thank you
Posted By: Thirn
Three cheers for update and of course for the whole addon. Absolutely awesome.
File: Mendeleev05-25-07
Most recent Medeleev "Used in..." t...
Posted By: Thirn
Most recent Medeleev "Used in..." tree tries to display items that are not in your char's tradeskills, or are not known yet. This results in massive spammed tooltip with lots of item-IDs instead of item names... is there any other way to remedy that except turning off the "Used in.." altogether?
File: Mendeleev02-18-07
One of the most useful interface en...
Posted By: Thirn
One of the most useful interface enhancements there is. Information is power. Cannot really wait till it's updated with TBC data :)
File: Fubar_FactionItemsFu02-16-07
Great idea I must say, especially w...
Posted By: Thirn
Great idea I must say, especially with multi-faction rep grind in BC. However, there is a thing that prevents me from using this addon - i noticed a 1-2 sec freeze when opening bank frame, it becomes really annoying to a point of making it unbearable. There is also slow but steady memory usage increase when this addon is enabled....