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File: Sorren's Timers11-14-07
not working?
Posted By: Xenorim
after getting the latest version of sorrenstimer it simply stopped working, even though it gives no errors or nothing :(
File: Cartographer11-14-07
No instance maps?
Posted By: Xenorim
for some reason it simply refuses to show instance maps for me? what's up with that? using latest gotten with wowaceupdater
File: Cartographer Trainers03-20-07
Re: Re: odd annoying thing
Posted By: Xenorim
Originally posted by Kodewulf sorry about that. forgot to remove a debug message. :) should be fixed the next time you update using the updater. No reason to be sorry :) thanks though
File: Cartographer Trainers03-19-07
odd annoying thing
Posted By: Xenorim
i've updated to latest version with wowace's updater and now i'm each time i speak with a trainer, and go into whatever they train get. Note.title trainername Note.info trainertype in my general chatwindow, what's this?
File: Scrolling Combat Text03-17-07
Posted By: Xenorim
/sctdisplay any way to make it appear as a message instead of frame1 by default?
File: Cartographer03-15-07
Re: The Sunken Temple
Posted By: Xenorim
Originally posted by JaedxRapture I'm having a few problems with the Sunken Temple instance map. The boss loot tables are broken and the icons are displayed inaccurately. See the images below.. http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/2460/brokenst1rc7.jpg http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/4491/brokenst2zs9.jpg Edit: Although I...
File: Scrolling Combat Text03-09-07
improved mend pet?
Posted By: Xenorim
any way to get the improved mend pet action up there? it's message is. petname's afflictionname has been removed by huntername's Improved Mend Pet. I am not able to get it to show right, any ideas?
File: Cartographer03-07-07
Latest updated version?
Posted By: Xenorim
You can easily find the latest updated version on www.wowace.com Personally I'm looking for Icon packs, where do you find them?
File: Group Calendar 402-23-07
Posted By: Xenorim
Hate to see you go, Groupcalendar is a great addon, very useful simple and easy, trying to get my guild to use it as much as possible, sooo much easier for planning things
File: SilverDragon02-22-07
Re: Re: nameplate
Posted By: Xenorim
Originally posted by Kemayo It should... It'll only do anything when you have nameplates displayed for enemies, mind you. (Press 'v' by default, I think.) oohh those nameplates, I thought normal npc name's would be enough, I'll check it out. wish it could work off names alone
File: SilverDragon02-20-07
Posted By: Xenorim
Nameplate scanning doesn't seem to work?
File: Cartographer Quests02-19-07
Should have read up.. did the 'quic...
Posted By: Xenorim
Should have read up.. did the 'quick fix' but I cannot see any of the notes from the previous version? how do I get those back?
File: Cartographer Quests02-19-07
Katest versions Not working.
Posted By: Xenorim
The 'newest' version that I can get to work is 26541 those newer then it simply wont work, wont register quests, wont make notes, wont be findable under 'quest' under cartographer.
File: Sorren's Timers02-15-07
Invalid spel slot
Posted By: Xenorim
I keep getting invalid spel slot with my druid, no matter what skill I use? please tell me the addon is still under works.
File: SilverDragon02-06-07
Silverdragon + Titan?
Posted By: Xenorim
any chance that silverdragon could be made functional with titan bar as well?
File: Cartographer Quests02-05-07
Latest version r26939
Posted By: Xenorim
I simply cant get 26939 to work but if I go back a version it works just fine.