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File: GoGoMount07-21-08
Re: Dismounting now interrupts gathering
Posted By: Tibor
Originally posted by Lyramia Hi Tiker, love this mod but I've got a little request about something that is driving me crazy. In the last version I could ride over to an herb node, say, then right-click the node to automatically dismount and pick the herb. In the latest version, I ride to a node but when I click to gather it...
File: Bongos209-28-07
I like the autofade feature. Is it...
Posted By: Tibor
I like the autofade feature. Is it possible to conditionally autofade the bars? For example, if I wanted all my bars to autofade to 0% when my toon is resting (in cities, inns, etc.). Apologies if this has been covered. I went back a month or two in the comments but didn't see anything.
File: Ludwig06-16-07
Is there a way to configure the Sea...
Posted By: Tibor
Is there a way to configure the Search box to be focussed automatically when I open the Ludwig frame?
File: Bongos201-12-07
I'm using the combination of Bongos...
Posted By: Tibor
I'm using the combination of Bongos and OmniCC, and since I updated Bongos to 7.1.11 yesterday, my pet bars have been without cooldown indicators -- neither the numeric feedback, nor the radial timer. I have updated to 7.1.12, but this did not resolve the issue. Any ideas? I noticed this at an awkward time... as my Wolf was tankin...