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File: ItemBonusesFu01-11-07
Gratuity-2.0 after last patch
Posted By: Zaxx
I was also getting the error about the Gratuity library. I was able to correct it by overwriting the libs/Gratuity-2.0/Gratuity-2.0.lua file with a more recent copy from another addon. (got it from Cartographer_Vendors) I still have the problem with bonus data being written onto the FuBar panel, but this stops if I leave the "sho...
File: FuBar - RestFu12-08-06
Error on login to character with v2.0.19583
Posted By: Zaxx
I was using RestFu successfully before the patch. With version 2.0.19583 I was getting an error on login to any of my characters. Something about a table reference...sorry, I did not write it down. Anyway, I was able to get past it by deleting the SavedVariables data for RestFu. A friend of mine that had not used RestFu previously ne...