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File: ItemRack08-03-08
Mining and Itemrack.
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I asked this before but so far have not been able to make an event for mining. Basically when you get to a node you click on it and it automatically starts mining, you don't have to click on an icon. Is there anyway to make this work? Thanks for updating the addon its working great so far.
File: ItemRack06-26-08
Mining Nodes.
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Didn't look at the notes so don't know if this has been implemented...but it would be great if it was. Is it possible? Can you setup a profile that will switch just after you click on a node? Currently I have two sets of t6 one gemmed for stam the other for agil, with the old version I can swap without issues, will the new versi...
File: ItemRack12-17-06
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I get these errors as soon as I go into combat - it only happens twice but during grinding its a noticed thing. Only addons I was using for this test were bugsack and itemrack (Bugsack captures the errors - I also used laricactionblocked to verify it wasn't misfire on bugsack.) This is taken straight from bugsack's saved variable...
File: Clique12-14-06
Button question.
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Added this to issues list since I didn' know where best to place the question. I just started using Clique and like the idea but a question came to mind, can I use the same two mouse buttons to give different actions on different frames. You see I have the grid addon I use it as a depoison/decurse frame - basically I bound righ...
File: SimpleDruidBar12-14-06
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Whats the difference between this and the original druidbar?
File: Grid12-14-06
grid +
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Love the addon is there anyway that you can add two configurable buttons for each party - the buttons would contain your most needed spells. You would still have to click twice - once to target and once to use the spell but everything would be in one nice package. Lets say you do a 5x8 grid - top of the grid would have a row of b...