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File: --04-21-09
Disconnect on load
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I doubt this is relevant, but in case it is in some way regarding the disconenct on load problem. I play on linux using Cedega and have not had the problem with disconnect after login since 3.1, but my wife who plays on a windows machine has a fairly constant problem with being disconnected on login. Anyway, the other day in a bi...
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows10-29-08
If this is just written in Java is...
Posted By: subbass
If this is just written in Java is there any chance of a straight zip file containing the jar file for those of use using Linux (and probably Macs) rather than the msi installer? It looks like great work and hopefully it can be cross platform :]
File: Cellular10-19-08
Thank you
Posted By: subbass
Thanks for keeping this mod up to date and working, its the best message mod out there for me, simple and compact without being in your face. /hug
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames02-09-07
Tagged mobs
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I had a little fling with agUF for a while, forgive me. However one feature that really did prove useful especially in the mayhem of leveling in outlands with 10gazillion others (rough estimate, not entirely accurate) was the unit frame greying out the health/mana of tagged mobs on the frame. Perhaps it might be deemed useful enou...
File: Vault12-08-06
2.0 update ?
Posted By: subbass
Really missing this already, any chance of a fix for it. Really it does save a ton of time at training.