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File: Magic Runes11-22-08
Blood Tap
Posted By: Revvy
I'm very happy with this addon. Thank you so much. It does appear to have a problem recognizing when Blood Tap has been used. The Rune doesn't show as activated, the bar doesn't show, and it doesn't show the conversion to a Death Rune. Other than that, I'm having no difficulties at all.
File: Detached MiniMap Buttons11-14-07
Love it, except for performance
Posted By: Revvy
I've used DMBS for a long time, and I can't imaging not using it. My only concern is the amount of processor cycles it's taking - more than Cartographer or Bongos. Is there a way to reduce it's greediness?
File: Sorren's Timers01-18-07
The version I'm using
Posted By: Revvy
I guess it's not official, but I found this version on WoWAce. It's working for me. http://files.wowace.com/SorrenTimers/SorrenTimers-r24835.zip