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File: ArkInventory07-13-07
Re: Re: Getting back to default?
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Originally posted by arkayenro you can only delete one rule at a time. you click on it to highlight it, then click on the remove button, it then displays the rule and asks for confirmation. alternatively; shift+click the rule to disable it (for that profile) edit the rule and remove the item id Hi, arkayenro! Yes, that is...
File: ArkInventory07-12-07
Getting back to default?
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Hi arkayenro! I like your mod. Used it yesterday the first time and was just trying things. I didn't find a way to get rid of ONE rule that I assigned to ONE item? Is there a way? If not, will there be a way? I saw that I can delete all rules. And that's probably what I will do :) Edit: No memory issues from my side. It...
File: Bartender307-06-07
2 Profiles on 1 char
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Hi, I love your addon. Have been a former Discord user. What I want to do (and can't manage) is to have 2 different profiles/layouts on one char. So, when I'm raiding I want a certain layout, in pvp i want another. Any ideas? thanks done
File: WeaponRebuff 3.402-16-07
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Thank you, Arctae! Never know it could be simple like this :) done
File: WeaponRebuff 3.402-05-07
Rogue Poison 60+
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Hi, I love this Addon. But it seems like rogue poison like "Deadly Poison VI" is not yet supported. When you find time, I would appreciate if you could release a new version. Thanks! :) done
File: Cartographer Quests02-02-07
Same for me
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Originally posted by Wesslen I love the "?"/"!" icons, which I just noticed, but they don't seem to be working most of the time. Only a few quests have been recognized, while most quest givers just get the far less useful book-icon. And I feel like the question marks have been overwritten bei explanation marks after I checked t...
File: ArkInventory12-14-06
Order in original Bags
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Hi arkayenro! How I understand it, i will still have access to my original bags one by one, right? If you use the order-function, does ArkInventory also change the order in my original bags? I am used to my single bags and want to keep them, but sometimes one big bag would help too. It would be perfect, if I could have both w...
File: FuBar - AmmoFu12-12-06
Originally posted by Dexter74 wit...
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Originally posted by Dexter74 with German to be client no throw weapons indicated I wonder if it is because throwing weapons have a durability now instead of number of pieces left...
File: RDX Reborn12-09-06
Keybinding for show/hide Windows?
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Hi Cid! First: Thank you for keeping an RDX running. :) Then I have a little request: It would be great to have the possibility to hide/show all windows with a keybind. This is no urgent one, but if you find time for it, i would appreciate. thanks done