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File: Bartender306-16-07
Hey guys, I've been using bartender...
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Hey guys, I've been using bartender since bt2 - its far the best action bar mod out there. Though earlier today I redid all my addons (inc bt3 from wowinterface.com), deleted my WTF folder and proceeded to rebind my bars, trouble happened when I tried to bind bars 2,3,4 and 5. I know that their binding options are supposed to be visi...
File: FuBar - BagFu04-16-07
Originally posted by phyber This...
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Originally posted by phyber This is a problem with your libraries. Either update ALL of your Ace2 libraries, or delete the libraries included with BagFu/TopScoreFu. Problem Solved. How exactly is this a problem with all my libraries when the only time I encounter the problem is when bagfu is enabled? I update all my addons...
File: FuBar - BagFu04-15-07
Resets my Fubar addons
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Just installed the updated topscorefu and bagfu. Logged in and had to reset my profile. It added all my addons to the bar but any that tracked anything (bag, reagents, quest...) did not show anything and would not add anything. Logged out and disabled topscorefu. Same problem. Logged out and disabled bagfu. Problem gone....
File: Gem Viewer04-07-07
Confused on .rar
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When I download this it comes as a .rar and tries to use windows media player top open it. Am I doing something wrong here?