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File: TellMeWhen01-21-09
Great addon, but it doesn't current...
Posted By: goat_song
Great addon, but it doesn't currently display Explosive Shot properly when Lock and Load procs. Any chance of a fix for this?
File: ReadySpells04-30-08
Posted By: goat_song
I'd love to see this addon support cyCircled, pleeeease?
File: Lazarus Audio09-21-07
Another request
Posted By: goat_song
I see that you're planning to add a sound option for dodges, but could you make that more in-depth and add options for dodges/blocks/parries/misses/resists of specific abilities? For example, it's a lot more important that a druid know when Bash has been parried, rather than Maul. Likewise for Growl and Faerie Fire.
File: Fudge08-29-07
Re: Re: Re: Re: Suggestion
Posted By: goat_song
Originally posted by bryanc I've ended up making various hacks to it to support specific toons. I've tried to generalize these hacks into something generally usable by any class. I'm wondering if any of the changes I've made could be useful to you. I would really like your modified version of the addon, if you're willing/allow...
File: ZRangeCheck08-28-07
Colours not changing correctly
Posted By: goat_song
I love the updates you've made to this addon, but I can't get the new version to recognize my assigned colours. The background colour will be a dark red (not any colour I have assigned) when I am in melee, deadzone, and in range, and a dark yellow when I am out of range. There is no colour distinction between the first three - it...
File: ICU - I See You 2.005-29-07
Not working after 2.1
Posted By: goat_song
I can set the options via /icu options, and I can see the class/level of the minimap dots, but I don't get the drop-down targeting menu at all. This occurs even when I'm running ICU as my only addon.
File: ZRangeCheck02-01-07
Would it be possible to add a "Kiti...
Posted By: goat_song
Would it be possible to add a "Kiting" range of 35-41 yards? It would be really useful to know when I'm in ideal range fighting casters.
File: ICU - I See You 2.001-31-07
It's on BG announce mode, which is...
Posted By: goat_song
It's on BG announce mode, which is why I was getting the error. Doesn't like me asking it to announce on a nonexistent channel.
File: ICU - I See You 2.001-26-07
Posted By: goat_song
When I try to target from the drop-down menu, in or out of combat. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v96/goat_song/error.jpg
File: FuBar 3.6.501-17-07
That would work too, or an option t...
Posted By: goat_song
That would work too, or an option to only display on right-click or something. Anything to control the way they pop up and prevent them from getting in the way of action buttons.
File: FuBar 3.6.501-16-07
disable tooltip
Posted By: goat_song
PLEASE can you add an option to disable tooltips? I hate mousing near my FuBar trying to click an action, then the action gets covered up by a giant tooltip. Major problem in combat.
File: AnnoyRP12-14-06
Originally posted by vexis58 Well...
Posted By: goat_song
Originally posted by vexis58 Well, if you know the text you want to say in the emote, you could always try simply using "/em feels the love." instead of /love. Same for other non targeted emotes. I want the guys attacking me to be able to understand my emotes :) "/love none" works when there's no one around whose name starts...
File: AnnoyRP12-14-06
wow, that was quick, thanks! I'm...
Posted By: goat_song
wow, that was quick, thanks! I'm wondering if something similar to the component of macros could be used to simulate having no target. Because if you have a bandaging macro that goes /use Linen Bandage it will bandage you without changing your target. I do not know if works the same way but there is obviously some mecha...
File: AnnoyRP12-13-06
There are a few things I can't figu...
Posted By: goat_song
There are a few things I can't figure out from the readme....help? 1. How would I set ARP to say something when I'm crit for over 500? I don't understand how the pattern field works for numbers. "%d%d%d" is over 100 according to the readme - is "%5%d%d" 500? Is "%d%d%d%d" 1000? 2. Do I need a pattern for "Kill Creature" and...
File: ICU - I See You 2.012-12-06
Pdor and Fedos, you guys rock. I'm...
Posted By: goat_song
Pdor and Fedos, you guys rock. I'm so looking forward to the next update....clicktargeting out of combat only is good enough for me! and Pdor, I had to LOL when I red that you had coloured Horde red by default. That is a pretty hilarious "bug". I don't know if this was also intentional: beside my red-and-evil-looking friendly...
File: ICU - I See You 2.012-11-06
Glad to see this mod updated for 2....
Posted By: goat_song
Glad to see this mod updated for 2.0 :) I too would love to see out-of-combat click-targeting again - most of the time I was using ICU to target before, I was out of combat anyway. As well, is the popup menu supposed to work the same way as it did previously? Because I remember seeing red and green names on the popups before,...
File: FuBar 3.6.512-09-06
Is there any way to disable the too...
Posted By: goat_song
Is there any way to disable the tooltips? I'm going to be running my bar at the bottom, where my skills are, and if I can't stop the tooltips from popping up every time I put my mouse down there, I can't use FuBar. Such a basic function this addon seems to be missing! :(