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File: Quartz: Eclipse Module07-31-09
changes to Eclipse in 3.2
Posted By: Feles
is this mod going to be updated for the upcoming changes in Eclipse? Or will it cope with the change in the CD mechanic as is? Has anyone tested it on PTR yet?
File: Uckfup05-30-09
feature request
Posted By: Feles
would it be possible to set the mod to only tell self (player) the output. I like to monitor the results as one of the raid leaders, but people get shitty about having it spam in raid chat cheers
File: Minimap Button Frame07-17-08
I'm getting a strange interaction w...
Posted By: Feles
I'm getting a strange interaction with the CTRA minimap button - it moves it onto the minimap but doesn't collect it onto the button frame. I read the instructions for 'fixing' the CT2 minimap button, that didn't work and there wasn't a matching text portion in the CTRA lua. I'm also getting the blank button spot at the start.
File: Clique04-23-07
menu function
Posted By: Feles
Originally posted by Cladhaire I am using r70, which is the same version posted here. I cannot reproduce this issue. Download the latest version. You must supply a menu function for action type "menu" I was getting this issue also with Clique 2.5.4 and reverted to 2.5.2 will try with 2.5.6 asap Feles