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File: Ion Action Bars11-17-10
Posted By: Feles
I have Moonfire on my main moonkin action bar, however when a solar eclipse procs and moonfire becomes sunfire I get a "spell not learned" error. This is a new error since the new patch rolled out overnight. EDIT: If I change the button type from Macro (autowrite) to an action button and drag the ability there it works.
File: Quartz: Eclipse Module07-31-09
changes to Eclipse in 3.2
Posted By: Feles
is this mod going to be updated for the upcoming changes in Eclipse? Or will it cope with the change in the CD mechanic as is? Has anyone tested it on PTR yet?
File: Uckfup05-30-09
feature request
Posted By: Feles
would it be possible to set the mod to only tell self (player) the output. I like to monitor the results as one of the raid leaders, but people get shitty about having it spam in raid chat cheers
File: Ion Action Bars04-29-09
Originally posted by lodewijk i j...
Posted By: Feles
Originally posted by lodewijk i just downloaded and installed version 30100.2.5. but i still have problems. i'm a druid and have a bar with stance and dual checked. previously ther was no problem when i changed spec. but now the moonkin and tree of life setups dont change their buttons anymore after the talentchange. i keep having...
File: Ion Action Bars03-21-09
Originally posted by machein Is t...
Posted By: Feles
Originally posted by machein Is the Dualspec feature working already, because everytime I switch specs the previously assingned spec-specific skills are gone. When I switch back without changing the skills on the buttons the old ones are still in place, but as soon as I replace e.g. Concussion Blow in Spec 1 (not avaivable in Sp...
File: Ion Action Bars03-01-09
stance/possession issue
Posted By: Feles
I know Maul is probably a little overwhelmed with everything else that needs to be looked at for 3.1, but I thought I would log an intermittent issue I've been having with possession states from shapeshifting forms. I play a moonkin, so most of the time I'm in combat in a boss encounter I am in moonkin form . Depending on the figh...
File: Ion Action Bars02-27-09
Tree of Life/Moonkin Forms on PTR
Posted By: Feles
I haven't done much yet with Macaroon on PTR, but I can confirm that it treats Tree of Life and Moonkin Form as the same stance still - meaning bars will not automagically switch which you change Template. I will mess around with Profiles next to see how they cope. EDIT: Profiles 'work', but it takes around 30-60 seconds for it...
File: Ion Action Bars11-29-08
Possession Bars - Druid forms
Posted By: Feles
I play a moonkin specced druid and have my main bar set up as a stance bar, stealth bar and possession bar - keymapped to 1 through =. If I am in a shapeshifted form 90+% of the time the possession bar does not appear. This is a bit of a problem in fights where you get possessed part way through - such as the skeletal dragon bo...
File: Ion Action Bars10-25-08
'feature' suggestion
Posted By: Feles
would it be possible to change the icon for the game menu to the computer icon in the new blizzard bar rather than from old ping time status icon I keep looking for the computer to log out and don't find it I am a bear of little brain some days
File: Ion Action Bars10-10-08
pre-emptive question
Posted By: Feles
I haven't yet started to try and configure this on PTR, and with 3.0.x probably only days away - enquiring minds need to know. As a Moonkin player, I had always found the best way to get all the stances and stealth mode working on the main bar was to build it in the blizzard default ui first and import it into Trinity. Are form...
File: Minimap Button Frame07-17-08
I'm getting a strange interaction w...
Posted By: Feles
I'm getting a strange interaction with the CTRA minimap button - it moves it onto the minimap but doesn't collect it onto the button frame. I read the instructions for 'fixing' the CT2 minimap button, that didn't work and there wasn't a matching text portion in the CTRA lua. I'm also getting the blank button spot at the start.
File: Clique04-23-07
menu function
Posted By: Feles
Originally posted by Cladhaire I am using r70, which is the same version posted here. I cannot reproduce this issue. Download the latest version. You must supply a menu function for action type "menu" I was getting this issue also with Clique 2.5.4 and reverted to 2.5.2 will try with 2.5.6 asap Feles