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File: FuBar - LocationFu03-25-07
LocationFu culprit in having to select profile on login?
Posted By: wrd
I know many others have experienced the issue where FuBar simply appears blank upon login, until you toggle to another profile and back to your character's profile. I'm not 100% sure yet, but it looks like LocationFu is the culprit -- until I got those missing libraries for the current LocationFu installed, it wasn't loading, and whi...
File: BigWigs Bossmods03-14-07
Originally posted by Movarrin Err...
Posted By: wrd
Originally posted by Movarrin Error: BigWigs_Other's zone, Onyxia's Lair, has no translation appropriate for console usage. (snip) Please fix this. Everytime I log on i get this. Same error here on each login.
File: FuBar 3.6.502-19-07
Originally posted by Fragglerock...
Posted By: wrd
Originally posted by Fragglerock Anyone else have the problem where they log in to a toon and the settings (i.e., what plugins are active and where they are isnt correct) and in order to bring your settings up you have to switch to another profile and then back to the one that it was on originally? Yes, pretty much every time I...
File: ElementalFlux01-15-07
Latest version seems to display on...
Posted By: wrd
Latest version seems to display on all characters, regardless of class. Can of course be disabled on the addons screen, but I don't believe the previous versions did this. Thanks for the continuing work on this!
File: BigWigs Bossmods01-11-07
C'thun timers off in r24036
Posted By: wrd
Specifically the eyestalk spawns in Phase 2 were way, way off. Didn't have a chance to observe closely enough to figure out if they were simply offset, or counting down the wrong amount of time, but they were at least 10-15 seconds off each spawn. Been about 6 weeks and quite a few versions since we visted C'thun, so I'm not sure if...
File: ElementalFlux01-05-07
Thanks for this mod!
Posted By: wrd
I know you're not getting a lot of feedback here, but I know people are using and liking it. 0.4 is very cool, the cast bar addition was a great idea.
File: MoveAnything! (BC)12-09-06
An error occurs whenever trying to...
Posted By: wrd
An error occurs whenever trying to move a bag frame that contains a large bag (say a 24-slot shard bag or herb bag). Anyone know a way to fix this? You can work around it simply by moving a smaller bag into the slot -- the larger bag will extend upward from the position you put the frame in.