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File: flagRSP BC11-21-07
Originally posted by Byzzle Hi,...
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Originally posted by Byzzle Hi, I have an enquiry :rolleyes: Might it be possible to integrate an extra channel into FlagRsp that may be called "Tavern" On most RP Realms I'm playing, it is difficult to find other role players. Since in the xtentiontooltip-channel I see a lot of them, there is no active role-play channel (ic...
File: Manufac - A New Look at the Tradeskill UI02-06-07
error message
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I sometimes get the following error message: Manufac.lua:1299: Invalid trade skill item in SetTradeSkillItem(index) I am an artisan alchemist, if that helps.
File: Manufac - A New Look at the Tradeskill UI01-31-07
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Edit: Never mind, figured it out. Works beautifully for me. Thank you very much for this great addon!
File: HealerButtons01-17-07
odd problem since BC
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Since I updated to BC yesterday (did a full reinstall, just kept WTF), I have this problem: When I click on the button next to my portrait, everything works as intended and used to. If I click on one of the buttons next to the portrait of a party member however, it does not perform the action on the targetted player, instead the c...
File: Automaton01-11-07
Getting this error: Gratuity-2....
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Getting this error: Gratuity-2.0.lua:45: : SetOwner(): Can't set owner to self Edit: Using Rev 21556 of Gratuity 2.0 makes the error message go away, but I then get this message: LockFu.lua: 16: AceAddon: AceOO-2.0: Ace-Hook-2.0 is deprecated in WoW 2.0 (presumably from this addon) Disabling the LockFu addon...
File: FuBar - QuestsFu12-10-06
Re: version check
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Originally posted by elvisdumbledore looks like QuestsFu v.19509 contains Tablet-2.0 v.19235. the error only occurs when Tablet-2.0 v.19577 is installed by another addon. hope this helps BagFu uses 19577. Edit: After deleting the Tablet-2.0 folder of BagFu the error message no longer appears.
File: FuBar - LocationFu12-10-06
Re: World Map
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Originally posted by Novalight Hi, I'm having an issue with the plugin, it use to show info on the world map but now it doesnt. Is this because of the 2.0.1 patch, a bug, or is it just me? No, I have the same problem.