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File: vBagnon PT09-12-07
doesn't seem to work
Posted By: blitsa
I use Bagnon 1.3 and installed this patch (unzipped it inside the Bagnon dir) but does nothing. I installed Periodic Table too. The zipped file includes just a basicRules.lua, shouldnt this be declared in teh Bagnon.toc? If anyone has made this work, plz reply with further instructions
File: Debuff Filter and Cooldowns12-18-06
Posted By: blitsa
seems like rejuvenation's buff cannot be tracked i think i read somewhere that it is not seen with its real name but somthing else like omen of clarity is crystal ball or something can u plz fix it or suply us with the name of rejuvenation?
File: HealBot Continued12-18-06
feature request
Posted By: blitsa
plz add a channel option for announcing heals cause not all of the other healers have this addons installed