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File: ArkInventory03-16-08
list of changes for 2.4
Posted By: damorn
i'm just curious if you have a list / site i can read of any new changes to arkinventory?
File: ArkInventory02-10-08
Local search
Posted By: damorn
Fanatastic addon first off, i like the fact you included the global search on the frame with the other options. I'd like to see a search bar on the addon frame to locally search items you type in, ie, if you type "Mark of" all items on me that match that criteria will be clear the rest will gray out. This would be fantastic to see ha...
File: ArkInventory01-10-08
I want to second Ichabod's suggesti...
Posted By: damorn
I want to second Ichabod's suggestion and add my own of possibly adding the search function on the bag next to the other icons, instead of having to go into the menus, otherwise, best bag addon on imo, and i'm an addon junkie .
File: Reagent Restocker01-10-08
Is it possible on the auto sell gra...
Posted By: damorn
Is it possible on the auto sell gray items to list what items have just been sold in chat?