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File: AtlasLoot Enhanced07-13-07
Hello Daviesh, since your 4.0 re...
Posted By: ChrisHazard
Hello Daviesh, since your 4.0 release (I think) nothing in the "Collections" menu works.. for example, clicking on any tier set, then any class, nothing happens, it stays at the class menu. is this intended for testing purposes with load on demand modules?
File: Totem Timers07-11-07
Great mod here, exactly what I was...
Posted By: ChrisHazard
Great mod here, exactly what I was looking for to replace call of elements for the totem bar, and totemus for the timers. I have 1 request though: 1: is it possible to to hide certain totems you don't want to cast? (windwall, sentry) I have tried to drag them off the bar but that doesn't seem to work. other than that, fan...
File: FuBar - OutfitterFu12-10-06
2.0 update
Posted By: ChrisHazard
any chance for a wow 2.0 update? :(