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File: Ion11-27-12
Happy day! PS - the menu shows u...
Posted By: citrate
Happy day! PS - the menu shows up blank. :)
File: Ion11-27-12
Any word on 5.1 compatibility? Did...
Posted By: citrate
Any word on 5.1 compatibility? Did anyone test Ion out on the PTR? Just logged in... everything seems to work the same EXCEPT all of my bars have bright green backgrounds...
File: Ion10-23-12
Extra Action Button
Posted By: citrate
Sounds like many are having the problem with the Extra Action Button being empty. I also have this issue. A work-around for now is to create a button with the following macro: /click ExtraActionButton1
File: Ion10-14-12
Same issue here. :) Ok so I edi...
Posted By: citrate
Same issue here. :) Ok so I edited the Ion.lua under my Saved Variables added this code to it: { = 359, = "LOW", = false, = false, = "1;1;1;1", = 0, = ":extrabar0:", = 375.0560520279176, = 20.49511075689566, = "Extra Action Bar 1", = 0, = "MEDIUM", = 1, = "0...
File: WhoPinged!?04-29-09
Re: Issue found
Posted By: citrate
A bit late, but it appears that Lyessa was kind enough to write a patched version of WhoPinged, which adds the functionality you requested. I fixed a couple minor issues and repacked the addon with their patch.
File: PerfectRaid01-10-07
I believe this was asked previously...
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I believe this was asked previously -- and probably answered, although I seem to have missed it so I apologize in advance for the redundancy. Can/Will PerfectRaid work in a regular party versus a raid? With the expansion nearly upon us I imagine people will be grouping in 5-mans much more often and having a similar interface betwee...
File: PerfectRaid12-17-06
Just wanted to add my own love of P...
Posted By: citrate
Just wanted to add my own love of PerfectRaid and I check this site every day to see if it is updated. Looking forward to it when you get a version ready for release. Thanks!